White Room Revamp

Like I tweeted on New Year’s day, last Thursday, I painted my room to kick off the whole revamping project. Thanks to my Mum who have helped the most; mainly with the preparation and tidy-ups.

The idea I had in mind was white – all white! I needed more space for the sake of my mental health. *sniggers* Yes. Initially I had a bloody cram room with two big wardrobes. So finally, I sat down to some serious spring cleaning and threw away all my unwanted clothes and stuff, and thus I’m down with just one large wardrobe.


Yes, the very original idea that led me to the whole ‘Mission White Room’ project – my wall art. I’ve been lurking way too much on Tumblr making me quite inspired. It was quite a task finding these frames, and even more so getting them to stick on the walls. Why? Because they’re all plastic frames with hollow hinds. We had to improvise with back-cover cardboards to get them capable of sticking with the mounting straps.


All these are wood veneers in which I’d painted all white. These butterflies were one of my risky attempts because I wanted them to stick to the top corner of the frame. Luckily I had the patience to wait for the PVA glue to dry off properly.


Another wood veneer.


All these are from my scrapbooking stocks in which I’d decided to spare for this project.


The one piece that took the longest to dry due to its small base. Even then, it had to rely on the wall in order to stand.


Yup, my favourite corner of my room. My dressing table.


*chuckles* As you can see, I have painted every single furniture here white. Regrettably, the shaggy white rug I’d purchase was a bit too large. I couldn’t find the right size with the colour/texture I wanted. Probably will get a new and much perfect one once this one gets old.


Mhmm… another cupboard. I haven’t really put much stuff on top of it. Just my calendar, some straw balls and my repainted IKEA lantern.


My beloved earring racks in which I have also repainted. With the help of my Mum, we had nailed it to the side of the cupboard pictured above.


A must have bookshelf!


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