Wax Seals

For many months now, I have been fascinated with the whole idea of wax seals. They’re so… noble and… old-timey. And if I may say so, very Harry Potter-ish! It all started out with a colleague presenting me a gift containing a wax sealing kit; which had two bars of sealing wax and a sealing stamp.

My love for them grew when I kept landing on wax sealing videos online. They’re just so satisfying to watch that it itched me to try them out on my own.

So finally I gave in to the temptation and bought two packs of mix multi-coloured wax sealing beads on eBay.

Honestly, it can be quite costly these wax beads. Buying them in separate individual colours would be silly for beginners like me. That’s why I jumped on these multi-coloured ones. They’re definitely a better deal. They all came with a melting spoon and tea lights.


Upon unpacking these, I’d separated them according to their colours in my plastic storage tray. As of now, I currently only have 3 sealing stamps. Though I don’t think I’m adding more to that since I find that I kept using only one of them for all of my stampings; my initial ‘I’. Also, if you can see, I have now a total of 3 bars of wax seals. After this shot, I had cut them all off into bits and pieces and had placed them in the same container. I hate melting these wax bars with their wicks on. They’re just way too slow for my liking.

So here’s me melting 3 beads of different shades of gold. The beads melted up quite quickly if I may say so. It’s quite satisfying seeing how the bubbles appear as the wax boil in the metal spoon… And oh! For those who wonder, the metal wax spoon doesn’t heat up all the way to your hand. So it’s quite safe to hold it.

Quite difficult pouring the wax in one hand, and holding your camera phone on the other. But I managed. Haha! Anyways, I have to say that the spoon portion turns out to be way too much. Or perhaps 3 wax beads are a little bit too many. I previously used another melting spoon with a wooden handle. The portion is smaller than this spoon and it stamped quite nicely. Perhaps I should just use that old spoon the next time.

Do not immediately place your metal stamp into the hot wax. Give it 3-4 seconds before you stamp it in.

Even then, do not pull out the metal stamp right away; especially if your metal stamp is not cold enough. I left it standing in the wax for about 6-10 seconds before I pull out the stamp.


So there it is to behold. The stamped wax seal… It’s the Hogwarts crest, in case you can’t see it. You can always slowly pull off the wax and re-melt them again. Then again, do note that it will leave some unwanted marks on your envelope.


Bridal Shower Banner

A banner. I honestly have never made one in my life. Haha! I have always got store-bought ones in the past. Just recently though, my colleague, Shah requested that I do one for her friend’s bridal shower.

I had tried browsing through PinInterest for ideas. Most of them were all two or one coloured themed. Unfortunately for me, my paper stocks are all mixed and I do not have enough materials of the same colours. Moreover, each alphabet will use up at least one paper. I had to count my cardstocks properly before actually deciding to do the project. The best I could do was a 3 coloured-theme; pink, blue and green. Not lesser than that. Hence the reason it had to end up looking colourful.

All the alphabets and scalloped shapes were cut using my Cricut machine. Had to play around with the blade and pressure dials as I was using different cardstocks of different thickness.

The main layer measures up to 9”, whereas the alphabets itself measures at 4.5” each. I had used eyelets for the holes to hold the strings. Took me a while to learn how to use my crocodile punch, since I seldom use it. Ha!

Calendar – 2017 Thapki Pyar Ki

Last year I made a similar desk calendar for this onscreen couple, ThaHaan (Thapki and Bihaan) from Colors Tv’s show THAPKI PYAR KI. You can view that blog post here. But at that point of time, I only made one. This year however, I’m feeling a bit generous. I’m doing a giveaway; like I did for the previous 2015 Rangrasiya calendar.



  • GBC
    – (item #W15 WireBind) binding machine
  • Canon
    – (item #PP-201) Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
    – (item #MP-101) Matte Photo Paper

I’d actually started work on these calendars on 4th October 2016. Collecting various screenshots of some notable ThaHaan scenes. Then worked on the designs on Photoshop. Yeah… still the same templates are used. Although the main difference is the width of the pages. It’s wider than my previous two calendars.

Undoubtedly the most tiring and painful part of this whole calendar-making – the trimming! Took me a total of 5 hours (with breaks in between) to finish cutting all the photo papers. Phew! Thank god for my loyal cutting mat.

My binding machine. No matter how many times you test the machine out before the real thing, your first actual attempt will always fail. I had to print extra pages because of that. Argh!

Finally, the easy part is the binding. Still quite an annoying task, but definitely the easiest out of all the steps.

Below are the different months’ pages. My apologies, but I cannot allow larger views than the previews I’ve given below. Each page has its own line of dialogue delivered by one of the actors in that particular scene on display.


Personal Bullet Journal

I’ve always been intrigued by those many pretty looking, doodly journals I’ve spotted on Pininterest. Yup. I’m talking about bullet journals. They’re so inspiring that it makes you want to start one. So yeah! I have finally succumbed to the itch and decided to make one. Yes. I still find it awkward to start it in the middle of a September… but I just wanted to do it.

craft_004_1You can ask my Mum how bloody difficult it was to find a dotted notebook here in Singapore. The ones they had were so small. I was aiming for a standard A5. You have no idea how many stationery stores I’ve stepped into to find a perfect one. Alas! I went home to make an eBay purchase. That’d be only an A6 size. I didn’t know these dotted notebooks could be so expensive!


  • Studio Calico
    – (item #331121) wood banner
  • American Crafts
    – (item #89397) ribbon
    – (item #53180) chipboard alphabets
  • Freckled Fawn
    – wood veneers: Stars & Such
    – wood veneers: Arrows
  • Made With Love
    – wood veneers: Gears
  • Tim Holtz
    – (item #TH92718) metal keyhole
    – (item #TH9278) metal flowers
  • Pentel
    – (item #63) green poster colour
    – (item #90) gold poster colour
  • Plaid
    – [matte] Mod Podge


So yeah, that’s the back of the notebook. I have personalised it just for me. Heehee! I was aiming for that mossy, grainy and rusty look. But somehow along the way… I messed it up with the Mod Podge. Oh well! If you noticed there too, I pasted two buttons, mainly for the purpose of hiding the cut elastic ribbon.

craft_004_4 I’d joined two wood banners to make it into a plaque. Used my alphabet chipboard stock to spell out my name on it. Also stuck 2 metal flowers there on the top corner. Tested: they do go along well when the book is bend.

craft_004_5 Honestly, I still can’t figure out whether getting this small A6 book was a blessing as I get a smaller canvas to work on. It took me a while to work on how I want to embellish the front cover. Eventually ended up with those gears and asterisks. The keyhole, well. That was what I had in mind before starting this project. So that was a must.

craft_004_3As tweeted last Friday, I started working on this thing about 6 in the evening. I let it rest till the next day to dry properly; since I was quite exhausted after work too. That Bostik glue is really quite good. I coloured it the next day using my poster colours. Used my tiny spray bottles to give them that ‘effect’. Too bad I didn’t take photos of my colouring process; as it was way too untidy and I had messy hands. The Mod Podge though… *sighs* Well, let’s just say, it messed up my ‘spray effect’. But oh well! I’m pretty satisfied with the final look. Not exactly what I had in mind per say, but it’ll do.

Calendar – 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki

Another year coming to an end. Like I had tweeted back in October, I have plans of making my own 2016 desk calendar again. This time round, for my new favourite ship – ThaHaan. Of course, having doodled so many ThaHaan drawings it still is not enough for me. Thapki and Bihaan are my new favourite onscreen couple and eye candy… Yes. Having eye candies in front of your workstation in the office is a good thing. It relieves stress. And for 2016, I’ll have ThaHaan do that job for me.

And oh! Not that I’m being selfish this time round, but I will just be making one of these only. So please, don’t bother requesting me for one.


Yes, the show is still on going on Colors Tv. The love story between the two protagonists hasn’t even properly started yet. When I was doing my 2015 Rangrasiya calendar, the love story between Rudra and Paro was already completing. Hence it was easy for me to pin point to my favourite moments and use them for the months’ photos.

In ThaHaan’s case, the choice is limited. I gave myself up to 26 December 2015’s episode to wait if there were any newer moments I could use for the calendar (almost wanted to use that ploughing scene, but eck!). I think whatever I have collated so far is good enough.


  • GBC
    – (item #W15 WireBind) binding machine
  • Canon
    – (item #PP-201) Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
    – (item #MP-101) Matte Photo Paper


I didn’t spray paint my calendar’s stand this time. I think white is just fine for the theme. As tweeted 2 weeks ago, I was already starting on my photoshopping task with the months’ pieces… And yes! I still use the same old template from my Rangrasiya calendar. Hehe!

I used matte photo paper for the whole calendar, except the front cover. That, I used glossy photo paper of a 275 g/m2.


Trimming the papers has to be done with a right amount of patience. Sure I cut a lot of papers for my scrapbooking, but with scrapbooking, you are allowed to cover up mistakes. But calendars… well, there’s no scope for that. Eventually, I ended up using a pen knife, long ruler and my cutting mat.


Punching time! Yup! Another one of the risky attempts. Luckily, I had printed some extras as my binding machine did gave me some problems.


Lastly, binding it up… and voila!

Below are the different months’ pages. Likewise, sorry, but I cannot allow larger views than the previews I’ve given below. I still prefer my calendars with big boxes so that I can write more (being the practical person that I am). Each page has its own line of dialogue delivered by one of the actors in that particular scene on display.


Shabby Chic Diary

My diary. I decided to adorn it with girly and shabby things. It’s a book, locked up in a box sized just right for its dimensions. So, I cannot embellish the book as 3D as I would like it to. I had to make it as flat as possible, and yet still having that shabby chic look.

click for full view

All the stuffs I used to decorate the book were brandless. Hence, I cannot pinpoint exactly what brands I used for this book.


I simply tied a ribbon and ended it with a bow on the top left corner.


Three different types of fabrics used. I doubled the layer of white lace fabric for the book’s cover. After trimming the extras on the edges, I used PVA glue to harden it to avoid any frays from coming out in the future.


Like I’d mentioned earlier, I simply tied the ribbon to form the bow on the front. So, that’s exactly how the inside looks. I have also glued a ‘bookmark ribbon’ to the book’s spine.

White Room Revamp

Like I tweeted on New Year’s day, last Thursday, I painted my room to kick off the whole revamping project. Thanks to my Mum who have helped the most; mainly with the preparation and tidy-ups.

The idea I had in mind was white – all white! I needed more space for the sake of my mental health. *sniggers* Yes. Initially I had a bloody cram room with two big wardrobes. So finally, I sat down to some serious spring cleaning and threw away all my unwanted clothes and stuff, and thus I’m down with just one large wardrobe.


Yes, the very original idea that led me to the whole ‘Mission White Room’ project – my wall art. I’ve been lurking way too much on Tumblr making me quite inspired. It was quite a task finding these frames, and even more so getting them to stick on the walls. Why? Because they’re all plastic frames with hollow hinds. We had to improvise with back-cover cardboards to get them capable of sticking with the mounting straps.


All these are wood veneers in which I’d painted all white. These butterflies were one of my risky attempts because I wanted them to stick to the top corner of the frame. Luckily I had the patience to wait for the PVA glue to dry off properly.


Another wood veneer.


All these are from my scrapbooking stocks in which I’d decided to spare for this project.


The one piece that took the longest to dry due to its small base. Even then, it had to rely on the wall in order to stand.


Yup, my favourite corner of my room. My dressing table.


*chuckles* As you can see, I have painted every single furniture here white. Regrettably, the shaggy white rug I’d purchase was a bit too large. I couldn’t find the right size with the colour/texture I wanted. Probably will get a new and much perfect one once this one gets old.


Mhmm… another cupboard. I haven’t really put much stuff on top of it. Just my calendar, some straw balls and my repainted IKEA lantern.


My beloved earring racks in which I have also repainted. With the help of my Mum, we had nailed it to the side of the cupboard pictured above.


A must have bookshelf!