12×12 – Forever & A Day

Gosh! It’s been 5 months since I last posted anything on this blog. Oh well! Life. Been in such a downer. Even then, I just realised my last actual “12 x12” post was back in November last year. Gosh! The fact that I was not doing any scrapbooking, and yet my art stock seems to be growing is something for me to ponder on.

Not that I stayed away from art completely. Art is therapy to me. In the absence of my so-called ‘scrapbooker-block’, I’ve been doing art journaling and some casual doodling. You can see those on my DeviantART album. I just happened to dump-post all my June doodles earlier today.

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 31 by Valerie Salmon. The photos were from a promotional photoshoot from Entertainment Weekly back in the year 2009 for HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. Definitely one of my most favourite photoshoots of Emma and Rupert.


  • KCK Craft
    – (item #317002) border sticker
  • PopArtz
    – (item #PA-328648) die-cut shapes
  • Buttons Galore & More
    – (item #BB75) green buttons: Retro Chic
  • American Crafts
    – (item #732157) green alphabets
    – (item #42390) brown foam alphabets
  • S.E.I
    – (item #7-1695) black puffed alphabets
    – (item #1-0074) white brads
  • The Paper Stone
    – (item #B361A104-9003) felt alphabets
  • Making Memories
    – (item #23541) brads
  • Pretty Color
    – (item #P21P4) green chalk-ink
  • VersaColor
    – (item #VS-23) chalk ink: Rose Red
  • Prima
    – (item #891053) chalk ink: Raspberry Pie
  • Simple Stories
    – (item #3603) cardstock stickers


By far the most difficult section of the page for me to clinch. I just could not find the right combination. Initially, I’d contemplated whether to just leave the two big flowers alone. But they looked too bare. Hence, I amped them up a bit with a few smaller yellow flowers and some brown ‘sprigs’.


Ah! The title. The bloody title. Heck, I gave up on it. I used 3 different types of alphabet stocks. Those foam alphabets that I used for the word, ‘forever’ were recoloured using my maroon chalk-ink. It would have looked almost invisible if I hadn’t done so. Those black puffed-ones though… I hate puffed alphabet stickers. They never stick properly on their own. I had to enhance them by using stronger glue.


This one is actually die-cut stocks from PopArtz. I had to amend them by sticking the layers on top of each other using foam tapes to 3D-fy it; of course not forgetting to edge them with my chalk-ink first! I have also adorned a simple yet untidy-looking bow made of that straw string.


My favourite section. I thank those felt alphabets by The Paper Stone, they could stick and unstick easily. Merlin knows the many times I had to adjust the positions of Rupert’s and Emma’s names.


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