Envelope boxes for 3D crafty cards

I’ve been making several greeting cards in the past years, and most of them are 3-dimensional and rather bulky. So far, I have always only used normal envelopes to send them to my recipients. All thanks to my envelope maker from ‘We R Memory Keepers’.


I have just only recently discovered that the makers have actually developed a mobile app for owners of this device. It’s quite a nifty app. It gives you the freedom of actually using your card’s exact measurements, rather than strictly following the provided chart that has limited measurements.


But coming back to ‘bulky’ greeting cards, inserting them to a normal envelope can result in an ugly looking piece of shit. So I did my researching on YouTube and Google. I was aware first-hand that some crafters make envelope boxes for their crafty cards, but I found it rather troublesome having to do the math myself. Besides, they did their own manual scoring using… stuff.

Eventually, I ended up on a video in which they used the same envelope maker that I have to make these box envelopes. But they had to do their own math! Which of course I try to avoid. After thorough googling, I landed on this webpage in which they did the maths for you. A measurement generator – the Box Buster.


It’s a life saver! I seriously hope this website will be up forever. Haha! I tried making one for a greeting card I’m working on currently. I easily scored my cardstock and voila! It ended up as an envelope box and my 3D greeting card could easily fit in without having my flowers and embellishments on it squashed.

Though I have to point out that there may be a slight confusion on which is the depth, height and width. I had assumed by ‘depth’, they meant the thickness of the box I wanted. But no! Their depth is actually the width of my card, width is actually the height, and height is actually the depth. Haha! Oh well! As long as it works, I’m not complaining… Though I did tweeted to ‘We R Memory Keepers’ to enhance their app to incorporate the making of these envelope boxes.


Gift from a colleague

I feel quite blessed to actually have colleagues who are into crafts as much as I am. If not more. Today, early in the morning, I received quite a surprise from one of them, Koh Shiuan. She gave me these sets of vintage die-cuts below.


She told me she went to a pop-up shop at the rooftop of City Square Mall, in which they sell these sets at 3 for $1. I could hardly believe her. Most of the time one set like these could cost up to $7. Then again, these are not that well-known of a brand. It’s by Eno Greeting.


Really like them though. Honestly. Thanks again, Koh Shiuan! I love vintage design stuff.

Ever-growing art stock

I guess every crafter faces the same guilt. We have too much stock, and yet never enough stock. We still get whatever that we do not yet own. Same goes with yours truly.


My colleague, Jun Yan helped me get this. She is one colleague who shares the same passion as me – art and crafts. Though her forte is more into sewing, I am more into paper crafting. Glue guns can cost almost $30 here in Singapore. But what do you know? We can actually get an even smaller and cuter version at just $5.90 at a normal hardware store. Ha!


Like mentioned, an artist art stock will keep growing, as does my collection of these mini chalk inks. I have tweeted last year of my way of storing these colourful pads. But I now seem to need a bigger box as they no longer fit that medium sized Ferrero Rocher box. So I got an even bigger Ferrero Rocher box to accommodate those chalk inks.

White Room Revamp

Like I tweeted on New Year’s day, last Thursday, I painted my room to kick off the whole revamping project. Thanks to my Mum who have helped the most; mainly with the preparation and tidy-ups.

The idea I had in mind was white – all white! I needed more space for the sake of my mental health. *sniggers* Yes. Initially I had a bloody cram room with two big wardrobes. So finally, I sat down to some serious spring cleaning and threw away all my unwanted clothes and stuff, and thus I’m down with just one large wardrobe.


Yes, the very original idea that led me to the whole ‘Mission White Room’ project – my wall art. I’ve been lurking way too much on Tumblr making me quite inspired. It was quite a task finding these frames, and even more so getting them to stick on the walls. Why? Because they’re all plastic frames with hollow hinds. We had to improvise with back-cover cardboards to get them capable of sticking with the mounting straps.


All these are wood veneers in which I’d painted all white. These butterflies were one of my risky attempts because I wanted them to stick to the top corner of the frame. Luckily I had the patience to wait for the PVA glue to dry off properly.


Another wood veneer.


All these are from my scrapbooking stocks in which I’d decided to spare for this project.


The one piece that took the longest to dry due to its small base. Even then, it had to rely on the wall in order to stand.


Yup, my favourite corner of my room. My dressing table.


*chuckles* As you can see, I have painted every single furniture here white. Regrettably, the shaggy white rug I’d purchase was a bit too large. I couldn’t find the right size with the colour/texture I wanted. Probably will get a new and much perfect one once this one gets old.


Mhmm… another cupboard. I haven’t really put much stuff on top of it. Just my calendar, some straw balls and my repainted IKEA lantern.


My beloved earring racks in which I have also repainted. With the help of my Mum, we had nailed it to the side of the cupboard pictured above.


A must have bookshelf!

Valentine gift cards & Sizzix!

Yup. Like I tweeted yesterday, I just finished crafting two small gift cards to accompany the Valentine gifts I got for my two colleagues.


I wanted them simple and not overly accessorised. Hence I let my Cricut do the magic. I even tweeted about it when my machine was cutting them. Haha! Anyways, I won’t be including this picture in the gallery as I don’t feel it fit there. Hence I’ll just tag it to the “cards” tag.


YES!!! Finally I have got myself an embossing machine! I have been eyeing on one ever since I knew of its existence. I ordered this last month as a personal birthday gift for myself. But like I tweeted, I only received it 3 days ago. Bah! A right testament to my patience!

Handmade Fabric Flowers

Free handmade stocks!


A colleague of mine gave me these. Thank you, Jun Yan! Apparently she joined some fabric flower-making class and these were some of her first tries. I told her to give me those “rejected” ones for my scrapbooking purposes. Haha! And she did.

I guess I can easily attached a button or something atop each of the plain ones for use… Let’s see!

Improved UrbanWrite

I recently visited UrbanWrite at Tampines One — about the nearest scrapbooking store from my place. Too bad they’re not a hardcore scrappers’ paradise. Most of their stuff includes office stationeries. But being a member with their affiliate, Popular Bookstore proffers me with membership discounts.


But I was in for a nice surprise when I stepped into the store. They had rearranged everything, and it seemed like they got in more scrapbooking supplies than the pitiful varieties they had before. Still, it couldn’t compare to some of the other stores I have visited on this island, but it was a good step of improvement.

What’s more was when I got home, my Mum who accompanied me to the trip actually surprised me with this gift. Ha! Lovely mother!


I’ve yet to use it, but I love it! I love stamps, and this wooden set is just so attractive I couldn’t stop staring at it when I first got it.

And for our local scrappers, looks like we’re all looking forward to the re-opening of the best scrapbooking store we have in town – Made With Love. It’s re-opening at 313 @ Somerset this 18 September 2013.

Unfortunately, being the busy career woman that I am, I won’t be able to visit it any time soon. But if I do, it’ll probably be on a weekend. And honestly, I hit myself on the head every time I remembered discarding away my membership card for this store. Initially, I had really thought that the store had closed down forever. But apparently they were just waiting to move house. Oh well! I guess I’ll just need to re-start with the stamp collection on a new card.

Now I just hope that when the new upcoming mall in my hometown, Bedok Mall opens in 2017, there’ll be at least one small scrapbooking store. Such retail stores are so limited here in Singapore. I’m currently still trying to gather all the local shops to list them up here on this blog… mainly for my own reference.