Card – Happy Birthday

Yet another birthday card. Mhmm… This time round, I’m sad to say I was harbouring an art block. My creative juices were drained; evaporated into the air of this injustice, stressful world of adulthood.


Anyways, yes. It was my good friend, Hema’s birthday. The Christmas Eve girl. For many years now, all her birthday cards are made by my good self. Even as contraint as my time gets, I will try to find some time to make one. Hear that, Hema? Appreciate me!


  • Bostik
    – red glitter pen
  • Crate Paper
    – (item #683267) striped cardstock
  • Pebbles
    – (item #732318) red cardstock
  • PopArtz
    –  (item #PA-324627D) clear stamp
  • Pretty Color
    – (item #202) Brown chalk-in
    – (item #37) Brown chalk-in
  • Sassafras
    – (item #21171) flag banners
  • VersaColor 
    (item #VS-23) chalk ink: Rose Red

The card measures at 15.3 by 21.1cm.


Seriously, I think the last time I did this type of paper flower fan wheel was during my primary school days. I had confidently told myself making one would be an easy feat. But goodness me! Making a big one was not as easy as I had thought. I used 2 long strips of cardstock to make this one big paper wheel. Even then, it didn’t turn out as perfect as I’d wanted it to be.


3 signature dots intact. Yup. I had also edged the flag banners with chalk ink to make it look aged.


A self-made envelope, thanks to my loyal envelope-maker. Fits the card perfectly. The only thing I worry was the glue tape that I’d used to put the envelope together. Not sure if it was strong enough by the time my friend opened the card. Anyhows, I’d sealed the envelope with a red wax seal in the end. Unfortunately, it slipped my mind to take a picture before I’d hand it over to my friend.


Card – Jigyasa Singh Birthday Card

Another birthday card. Looks like the only cards I’ll ever be making are birthdays’. This time for the actress, Jigyasa Singh from the Colors TV show, ‘THAPKI PYAR KI’. I made it and posted it separately from the gift I purchased online.

Honestly, starting off any task takes so much time that you always end up being idle and blank for a long period. But once you get onto it, it’s a non-stop flurry.


  • American Crafts
    – (item #89423) yellow string
    – (item #53162) chipboard alphabets
  • Daiso Japan
    – (item #31) red chalk
    – (item #3) gemstones
    – (item #46) ribbon punch
  • Ek Success
    – (item #PSP21C) butterfly puncher
  • Ek Tools
    – (item #54-30097) scallop puncher
  • Fiskars
    – (item #9380) circle cutter
  • Pebbles
    – (item #73218) patterned paper
  • PopArtz
    – (item #PA-3246270) clear stamp
  • Sakura
    – (item #LRB05) white lace
    – (item #LRB03) brown lace
  • Studio Calico
    – (item 331495) patterned paper

As usual, I always find inspirations first from PinInterest. It just helps me get started. Take ideas from here and there. Anyhow, the card measures at 14.7 by 20.9 cm.

Paper flowers I got from MapleTree. And those yellow pollens, honestly, I don’t know if there is a correct way of using them, but I just winged it. Haha! The little butterfly was punched out of the same cardstock I used for the card’s back layer.

The birthday sentiment was quite a challenge. The mistake was using a glossy white paper. Hence, the chalk ink didn’t really absorb properly. Thus the reason it looked, chapped. And oh! My signature 3 pearly dots; displayed in a different manner this time.

I had used red chalk to give some dimension to the background layer. So of course, I had to cover up the intersection with something. Those tiny gemstones were the first things I grabbed on my stockpile. Hence, they were the ones that ended up there. By the way, I had sewed along the whole card. Like I repeatedly said before, the sew effect is my favourite.

That’s how the insert of the card looks like. Yup, I drew the chibi. Coloured it using my loyal old Copic markers. I have even made pop-up gift boxes. One of the easiest pop-ups to do. The bows there are punch-outs from my Daiso punch.

Anyways, I gifted Jigyasa a pair of Apple AirPods. Unfortunately, the channel that I trusted the gifts to didn’t end up giving them to the actress. Oh well!

Card – Happy Birthday To You

Another hand-made card by yours truly. This one is for my colleague, Jun Yan, who celebrated her 29th birthday on the 29th March 2017.

This time round I played around with the colour palette. Didn’t actually stick to just one shade. I saw that lavender and light green went quite well together and went straight to it. The card itself measures at 14.7 cm by 13.9 cm.


I love that lace. It’s so furry. Haha! I thought the placement of just the lace gave the whole card kind of a shabby chic look. The purple paper flowers came from the same set from Kaiser Craft. There’s also a small butterfly there punched from the same green cardstock I used for my main card body… and of course! My signature 3 pearls.

I had contemplated how the sentiment would be. Initially I wanted to place it on the top, but felt that I would have overcrowded the whole top portion. Hence, I ended up putting it on the bottom right corner. Just used a sponge tape to make the whole strip pop up. Finished it up with a stringed purple button.

Card – Manish Goplani Birthday Card

Another gift segment that I have contributed. This time for the actor, Manish Goplani’s 24th birthday which fell on 19th November. Knowing he’ll be getting many gifts from his fans, I decided to just join in the fun. Unfortunately circumstances that they are, he only received this late December… that be in an unscrambled box due to the custom checks. Haiz! So anyways, here’s the greeting card that I’d designed to go along with the gift I gave him.




I don’t know if the whole card ended up way too girly, but I no longer give a rat’s ass! My creative juices were in limited stock. I was suffering from a massive art block.


The cardstocks were simply adorned with a lace ribbon and striped string. And I know that ‘Made For You’ ornament might be a wee bit cheesy for a guy’s card. But meh! I have too many of those. Got them from my Malaysia trip.


Honestly, I had wanted to put the ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment on the card, but feared that it will then look way too generic. Hence to make it more personal, I decided to just place his name. And if you can notice, I actually sewed the cards together using simple seams. And of course, pearly dots to cover the plain canvas.


Of course being the Chibi doodler that I am, I had to draw Manish on the card’s insert. Coloured it using Copic markers. Luckily the thin blue paper that I used for the insert handled the ink quite well. I had so much doubts that it wouldn’t. I had scanned the drawing using my office’s laser copier. Hence the quality may seem suck. You can see it at my DeviantArt page. As for how I stick the insert in the card, I sewed it in too. Alas the whole insert dropped out. Seriously have no idea how Indian customs handle people’s parcels. *smh*


Oh yes! The gift. I gave him an iPhone 7, gold coloured of 256GB. You can see the video of him opening the gift here… Gosh! So sicked at how the gift ended up in his hands. I’d wrapped the bloody thing in its mint packed condition so nicely!

Card – Happy Birthday To You

As usual, I always prefer making my own greeting cards. So if you see me giving someone a bought or printed card, that just simply means I have no time in my hand.


A self-made envelope to go with. Heh! One thing about crafty greeting cards is that they can never be sealed properly in an envelope. No matter what you do, it will always be bulgy. Oh yeah, the card stands at 17.2 cm by 15.2 cm.




The flower used here was one of the hand-made flowers my colleague, Jun Yan gave me. I just simply sewed on a button atop it to finish the look. Unfortunately it couldn’t stay perfectly in the middle of the paper dolly as I had it sewed onto the card, instead of gluing it on. The lace there is actually two strips glued together, so it looked like it’s a lace by itself.


The birthday sentiment is a clear stamp by Stampendous. I was doubtful about using the white chalk-ink. The picture above is not actually the final product. I had eventually touched up the stamp with my white marker after snapping the pictures for this blog. And oh yeah, if you’d noticed, I had sewed along the whole card. I really love the effect. If only doing it is not time-consuming.

Card – ThaHaan

There was a gift segment collaborated by the team of Glitz Vision during the end of May 2016. That was the first time ever I had decided to send a gift for someone I have never met before – ThaHaan. Yup. My two current favourite actors who portray the onscreen couple in THAPKI PYAAR KI. You can watch the video where the actors received my gifts here (I gave them both a polaroid camera each with this card below).

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 122 by Valerie Salmon. I just thought it was a simple yet pretty template to whip up. And what made it more satisfying was to see the actors’ appreciation that it was handmade. I love Jigyasa’s reaction the most. Haha!


  • PopArtz
    – (item #PA-HCP-606) border puncher
    – (item #PA-325227C) cardboard embellishment
  • Webster’s Pages
    – (item #TM9814) ribbon: Botanical
  • The Paper Stone
    – (item #B361A104-9003) pink alphabets
  • Stabilo
    – (item #88/53) green pen
  • Pretty Color
    – (item #WW37A5) wooden stamp
  • VersaColor
    – (item #VS-23) chalk ink: Rose Red
    – (item #VS-152) chalk ink: Ash Rose
  • Sakura
    – (item #LRBP02) pink bloom lace
  • Maple Treehouse
    – (item #M3H560881034) green pearls


The template didn’t instruct any embellishment for this section of the card. But I just felt that it would have looked too bare without… anything. So I just stuck in a few pearly dots on the top canvas.


That’s a pre-made cardboard flower I got off PopArtz. Finally am able to use it on something. Lol! I used some green lace and bloom lace for this section to line the sentiment. And since the card is addressed to the two onscreen couple, I decided to title the card with their couple name, “ThaHaan”. I guess that’s why both Manish and Jigyasa kept using this card to pose with the gifts at the photo session.


Those green and pink papers are again… leftovers. As scrapbookers, you know what I mean. No leftovers should be left wasted. They will come in handy at one point in our lives. Haha! The ‘Just For You’ is a wooden stamp I used from the set I used that my Mum bought me once.

Cards – Mini Christmas gift cards

It’s the time of the year again… where a crafter can use up all her green and red scraps once again. Yes! It’s Christmas. Not that I celebrate this occasion but my colleagues do. It’s made almost compulsory that we exchange gifts in the office and hence this came about.


I made mini cards to attach to my wrapped presents; mainly to address and tell who they’re from. They only measure up to 10.4 cm by 7.4 cm.



Alas! Those were my only pair of golden bells left in stock. The remaining ones are of blue and pink. Eck! I tried making them as simple as possible. Almost stopped myself from chalking the edges of my sentiment, but… looks like I can’t stay away from my pigment inks.


This one noticeably has an extra punched border. And like I said earlier, I only had one pair of golden bell left. Thus I substituted it with a green button; tied with a golden string.