About Me


This blog was actually a sub-site of my previous personal main website; which I used to host on my own domain, Crystalled-Roses.Net. But I have closed the whole portal in September 2016. Eventually I decided to let this scrapbooking blog remain, and be hosted on a free server.

I decided to construct a separate mini blog in conjunction with my love for scrapbooking. I’d picked up this hobby rather late in October 2011. True, I have done my fair share of digital scrapbooking; by making them my various websites’ headers. But this time round, it’s the real thing.

Anyway, my name’s Isnani Isnen and I reside in Singapore. My first love will always be graphic and web designing. I also love doodling. Most of which sketches you can find on my DeviantArt account. Scrapbooking to me is just an extended branch of my passion for art.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise frequent updates for my scrapbook pieces. With all the time constraints, I can only work on them when I’m really free (not to mention ‘inspired’).

So well, hope you like my blog and enjoy your stay.