12×12 – With You

Cannot believe my last 12 by 12 piece was back in November last year. Goodness me! Anyways, I’m back to doing these pages, and this time it’s of Manish Goplani and Jigyasa Singh again. My current favourite pair of actors. Again, these pictures were from their previous show together, CHORE TERA GAON BADA PYARA.

I used Pencil Lines’ Sketch 74 by Kerry Lynn Yeary and Jolene Pienaar. The sketch has asked for a second layered scalloped background which I didn’t follow. I have used a pre-printed 12 by 12 paper by Prima, in which they have those beautiful birds and nests designs.



My 3 signature pearly dots. Can’t go without them. And ‘ManYasa’; it’s their fan-made couple name. Initially I had contemplated to use my light blue felt alphabets, but ended up with these light brown ones. Also, as usual, I have edged both the photos with chalk-ink to give them that ‘aged’ look.

I’ve recently learnt a new technique (courtesy of YouTube). I learnt how to distress paper edges. The most cost efficient way to do it – with a scissors.

Yes… My ‘dump-your-lot-to-one-side’ technique. Though I think I never overdo it much this time. Most of the stuff were from the stickers my colleague gave me last week. Well… I tried to not overdo it as the main 12 by 12 paper is already quite jam-packed.

The original last layer of this 3D sticker was that of a chipboard pink flower. I detached it and replaced it with my ribbon rose from Daiso.

A simple poem about friendship that I copied off Google. Too bad there were no credits, so I can’t acknowledge whoever wrote it. As for the title, I didn’t want it to be 3D. So I stayed away from my chipboard and felt alphabet sets. Just plain paper alphabet stickers will do for this page.


12×12 – Us Trio

It’s back to my favourite trio again. Yes, my Harry Potter babies, Daniel, Rupert and Emma. The photos were from their first HARRY POTTER casting photoshoot from the year 2000. Cute, huh!
I used Pencil Lines’ Sketch 187. There are a couple of things that I left out and added on my own. Then again, I guess this piece ended up a bit too simple than I planned it to be.


  • American Crafts
    – (item #53223) black felt alphabets
    – (item #53180) grey chipboard alphabets
  • Daiso Japan
    – (item #8) wooden ladybug
  • Doodlebug Design Inc.
    – (item #3350) pearls
  • Dymo
    – (item #DM1880) embossed label maker
  • Faber Castell
    – (item #180688B2) purple chalk ink
  • Pretty Color
    – (item #D-4236) brown chalk-ink
  • Prima
    – (item #533847) flowers
    – (item #574574) leaves
  • Sassafras
    – (item #21201) flag banners
  • Studio Calico
    – (item #AL002331495) cardstock

Yup, I used the same old embossed label for my journaling section. The thing is, I unknowingly bought additional coloured labels of 12mm, when my Dymo labeler can only take in 9mm labels. Ugh!! I guess I have to hunt down a new labeler and also new 9mm coloured labels for myself soon.

Honestly, I’m getting weak with my titling. Even my previous piece suck! But oh well, that was the best I could think of.

What do you know? My Prima flower set finally could match my page this time. I used a whole pack of them. Too bad they’re a little way too flat for my taste.

12×12 – Chilled Out

5 months since I last did a 12 by 12 scrapbooking piece. Gah! I ought to be ashamed of myself! I created this blog mainly for my 12 by 12 pieces, but look what it has turned out to be. *smh*

Yup. It’s selfie time. I’m not vain! Please! I hate to think that I’m vain. But yeah, just used them as my scrapbooking piece this time. They’re selfies I took in my car at the carpark at a nearby café down my neighbourhood.


  • Sassafras
    – (item #21201) flag banners
  • American Crafts
    – (item #53159) brown alphabets
    – (item #53071) black alphabets
  • VersaColor
    – (item #VS-66) chalk ink: Burgundy
  • Sakura
    – (item #LRB02) lace bloom
  • Beutron
    – (item #BT266) heart button
  • Pretty Color
    – (item #202) hazel chalk-ink
  • Prima
    – (item #842321) maroon cardstock
    – (item #574574) leaves
  • Freckled Fawn
    – wood veneers: Stars & Such
    – wood veneers: Arrows
  • Webster’s Pages
    – (item #TM9811) ribbon: Romance
  • Daiso Japan
    – (item #B-13) wooden button
  • Graphic 45
    – (item #4500834) cardstock diecuts
    – (item #4500828) cardstock diecuts
  • Dymo
    – (item #DM1880) embossed label maker
  • Studio Calico
    – (item #331749) cork
  • Maple Treehouse
    – (item #M3H560881031) golden pearls

Honestly, I know the title looked totally plain. I seriously wanted to embellish the section more, but I feared it would just overdo the whole look of the page. Initially I’d wanted to line it with another brown ribbon below the bloom lace, but… oh well!

I used my ‘dump-your-lot-to-one-side’ technique again. This time, not so much. The paper that I used for my flower there is the same paper used for the sidebar of the page. The journaling section are of those embossed labels thingy. I used to love labeling my stationeries with that stuff during my primary school. My current one is by Dymo.

Laced down my photos with these two cotton laces.

12×12 – It’s A Thing Of Beauty

It’s been a while, and I finally did a page of Emma Watson. She is such a lovely looking young woman.

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 146 by Valerie Salmon. For the first time after a long time, I did not do a single ‘edging’ to any of the papers. Just simple trim and paste for all the cardstock — clean and neat.


  • Prima
    – (item #842284) 12×12 patterned paper
    – (item #574574) leaves
  • American Crafts
    – (item #42193) phrases stickers
    – (item #366044) patterned paper
  • Crate Paper
    – (item #683190) patterned paper
    – (item #683267) patterned paper
  • Stabilo
    – (item #88/45) brown pen
  • PopArtz
    – (item #PA-HCP-606) border puncher
    – (item #PA-328648) die-cut shapes
    – (item #UW-329661) burlap flowers
  • Beutron
    – (item #BT266) butterfly button
  • Maple Treehouse
    – (item #M3H560881034) green pearls
  • S.E.I
    – (item #1-0074) white button
  • Sakura
    – (item #SCA4003) patterned paper


A simple white button for an embellishment.


The journaling section is an actual quote from Emma herself.


Yes, like I tweeted last week, I finally got to use these burlap flowers. Yay! They’ve been sitting there in my dump of art stock waiting to feel usable.

12×12 – Love Bugs

Yes, another ThaHaan creation. But going by facts, the picture is of AlBeera’s – Manish’s and Jigyasa’s previous tv show. Seriously, every ThaHaan fan is dying to watch the show. Too bad the production house, Zee Corporate is not cooperative enough.


I used Pencil Lines‘ Sketch 189 for this one. As mentioned, the photos are from their previous show together, CHORE TERA GAON BADA PYARA. Honestly saying, the 12 by 12 patterned paper was already so pretty with pre-made designs on it. So I try not to over-decorate the piece.



‘Love Bugs’ – yup. That was what my small brain could think of as a title. Seeing that the couple is at some garden, I figured why not make it garden-themed.


A simple cardstock sticker for an embellishment.


Paper-printed flowers, edged with a bit of chalk-ink to as a corner finish.


Leftover orange cardstock used for simple journaling. I have way too much of these orange leftovers. Just don’t have the heart to throw them yet.

12×12 – Parked Out!

It’s time for something more personal. My Mum and I. This was on a Friday after work; during the fasting month earlier this year. I remember I tweeted a video of our timeout together at the East Coast Beach 3 months ago. Haha! We went there to get some satays for iftaar.


I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 156 by Valerie Salmon. I would say I followed 80% of her original template.


  • Sakura
    – (item #SCA3804) patterned paper
    – (item #LRBP02) bloom lace
  • Sassafras
    – (item #21164) cardstock stickers
  • Simple Stories
    – (item #3603) cardstock stickers
  • Prima
    – (item #891213) chalk ink: Old Rose
  • Stabilo
    – (item #88/26) beige pen
    – (item #88/33) green pen
  • American Crafts
    – (item #89423) pink string
    – (item #53069) green alphabets
    – (item #53453) pink alphabets
  • Maple Treehouse
    – (item #M3H560881046) peach pearls
  • Beutron
    – (item #BT266) buttons
  • PopArtz
    – (item #PU-WT15) washi tape
  • Daiso Japan
    – (item #31) pink chalk


These two were the finishing touches that I made to the whole page; as per directed by the original sketch. The buttons were leftovers given by my colleague, Koh Shiuan who has now unfortunately stopped crafting. She wanted to give her stocks to someone who actually loves crafts; and she’d finally found both Jun Yan (my other colleague) and myself.


Mhmm… my three signature pearly dots. Tied up the bottom of the main photo with a string bow.


I’d contemplated whether to use fabric ribbon, but then decided to use my pink washi tape. I seldom use washi tapes, so I would always try to jump on any opportunity in using them. I even drew faux stitches on the corner frames.


Simple strips of leftover white cardstock for my journaling section. Initially I had wanted to write them using a darker green pen, but it would have looked a bit way too contrasting, which I would want to avoid.


Rather hate my title. I used a torn notebook page for this section as suggested by the original sketch. Edged the paper roughly with chalk ink.

12×12 – Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

My newfound obsession, ThaHaan. Meaning the on-screen couple, Thapki and Bihaan from Colors Tv serial, THAPKI PYAAR KI. I blame my Mum for making me so involved with all these nonsensical shipping. She is a big TV serial fan who watches almost every drama series. And since she always need my help in translating, I too at times get swayed by some of the better shows. My previous, being PaRud from RANGRASIYA.

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 28 by Valerie Salmon. The photos used in this one is not from the abovementioned show, but from the two actors’ previous show together, CHORE TERA GAON BADA PYARA. The fact that coincidentally, the show was about the real love story of Ashish Sharma; the actor of my PaRud, is really something so surreal. How could my two ships be linked to each other? Haha! Bhagya!



These small alphabet stickers can be a right pain in the ass. They’re not as sticky as I wish they were. Many a times, I find them missing and had to re-stick them. Hence, I’m pretty eager to keep the finished piece into my album. As for the flower, I have used three layers of petals with yellow pollens.


Honestly, all my titles have always been a last minute thought. I don’t know if it’s a common thing amongst scrappers, but I never think of my titles beforehand. “Ek Main Aur Ek Tu” is actually an old Bollywood song. It simply means, “one me and one you”.


Yup. My signature 3-pearly dots.


Like tweeted last Sunday, I have cross-stitched the two layers of paper to give that sewing effect. I have even given a ‘notice-or-not’ word, ‘thahaan’ on the background.

The journaling section is a story itself. I had initially used just the orange paper strips, but eventually thought it looked way too camouflaged. Hence, I used red strips to give it that layer… just wished I hadn’t use that black pen. Ugh!