12×12 – Engrossed

Lime green, my favourite shade of green. Today’s design is of just a random moment of my life; engrossed with my cell phone.

click for full view

I have used Pencil Line’s Sketch 125 by Michelle Filo. Quite honestly, I’m quite happy with this layout. I have mainly used scraps (in the real sense of it). Ever since I got addicted with scrapbooking, I seem to turn into a junk collector — shrieking at my Mum, “NO! Don’t throw that!”


  • KCK Craft
    – (item #12136) 12×12 patterned paper
  • S.E.I
    – (item #8-3045) puffed alphabets
  • CarlaCraft
    – (item #CP-2) butterfly punch

I have used S.E.I puffed alphabet stickers for the title. And those small patterned papers are all self-printed.

All of the materials here (except the flower), were almost thrown by my Mum. I’d used CarlaCraft‘s puncher for those butterflies. Those were all of some cardboard paper my Mum found whilst spring cleaning. The flower however, I have to credit my Mum for having generously allowed me to pluck from her vase. *giggles*

I’ve simply torn a page from my notebook for the journaling section. And yes, like the sketch, I’d used some paperclips to adorn the photo and notebook paper.


4 thoughts on “12×12 – Engrossed

    • You really made use of unused ‘junks’ and that is the fun of it. Recycling and reusing. They all made up into a pretty little piece. Great job!


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