12×12 – Pinch

My first love. They’re the main reason that made me a Harry Potter addict a decade ago. So here’s my muse for today — Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

click for full view

I have used Pencil Line’s Sketch 86 by Michele Beck. And don’t be duped, I did not desaturate the photo. The theme of the layout was intended to be grey/black.


  • S.E.I
    – (item #8-5512) 12×12 patterned paper
    – (item #8-4136) chiplets
    – (item #1-0074) flower petals, buttons & ribbon
  • American Crafts
    – (item #53223) foam alphabets
  • Fiskars
    – (item #9380) circle cutter

I’d wanted a quote of Emma’s on Rupert for the journaling part. The flowers, ribbon and the journaling piece are by S.E.I. That large floral black/white patterned paper was self-printed though. And oh! I even used a plain white papercup to back those flowers.

That notebook torn edges I used for the border were from those self-printed paper. The paper hearts? Well, I cut them out by myself using an old, unwanted tissue box; hence the reason for their imperfectness. The foam alphabets however are by American Crafts.

Same flowers like that of the top. Even those buttons came from the same pack. As for the cardboard ring, I cut it out myself using Fiskars’ Circle Cutter.


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