Bridal Shower Banner

A banner. I honestly have never made one in my life. Haha! I have always got store-bought ones in the past. Just recently though, my colleague, Shah requested that I do one for her friend’s bridal shower.

I had tried browsing through PinInterest for ideas. Most of them were all two or one coloured themed. Unfortunately for me, my paper stocks are all mixed and I do not have enough materials of the same colours. Moreover, each alphabet will use up at least one paper. I had to count my cardstocks properly before actually deciding to do the project. The best I could do was a 3 coloured-theme; pink, blue and green. Not lesser than that. Hence the reason it had to end up looking colourful.

All the alphabets and scalloped shapes were cut using my Cricut machine. Had to play around with the blade and pressure dials as I was using different cardstocks of different thickness.

The main layer measures up to 9”, whereas the alphabets itself measures at 4.5” each. I had used eyelets for the holes to hold the strings. Took me a while to learn how to use my crocodile punch, since I seldom use it. Ha!


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