Envelope boxes for 3D crafty cards

I’ve been making several greeting cards in the past years, and most of them are 3-dimensional and rather bulky. So far, I have always only used normal envelopes to send them to my recipients. All thanks to my envelope maker from ‘We R Memory Keepers’.


I have just only recently discovered that the makers have actually developed a mobile app for owners of this device. It’s quite a nifty app. It gives you the freedom of actually using your card’s exact measurements, rather than strictly following the provided chart that has limited measurements.


But coming back to ‘bulky’ greeting cards, inserting them to a normal envelope can result in an ugly looking piece of shit. So I did my researching on YouTube and Google. I was aware first-hand that some crafters make envelope boxes for their crafty cards, but I found it rather troublesome having to do the math myself. Besides, they did their own manual scoring using… stuff.

Eventually, I ended up on a video in which they used the same envelope maker that I have to make these box envelopes. But they had to do their own math! Which of course I try to avoid. After thorough googling, I landed on this webpage in which they did the maths for you. A measurement generator – the Box Buster.


It’s a life saver! I seriously hope this website will be up forever. Haha! I tried making one for a greeting card I’m working on currently. I easily scored my cardstock and voila! It ended up as an envelope box and my 3D greeting card could easily fit in without having my flowers and embellishments on it squashed.

Though I have to point out that there may be a slight confusion on which is the depth, height and width. I had assumed by ‘depth’, they meant the thickness of the box I wanted. But no! Their depth is actually the width of my card, width is actually the height, and height is actually the depth. Haha! Oh well! As long as it works, I’m not complaining… Though I did tweeted to ‘We R Memory Keepers’ to enhance their app to incorporate the making of these envelope boxes.


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