Card – Manish Goplani Birthday Card

Another gift segment that I have contributed. This time for the actor, Manish Goplani’s 24th birthday which fell on 19th November. Knowing he’ll be getting many gifts from his fans, I decided to just join in the fun. Unfortunately circumstances that they are, he only received this late December… that be in an unscrambled box due to the custom checks. Haiz! So anyways, here’s the greeting card that I’d designed to go along with the gift I gave him.




I don’t know if the whole card ended up way too girly, but I no longer give a rat’s ass! My creative juices were in limited stock. I was suffering from a massive art block.


The cardstocks were simply adorned with a lace ribbon and striped string. And I know that ‘Made For You’ ornament might be a wee bit cheesy for a guy’s card. But meh! I have too many of those. Got them from my Malaysia trip.


Honestly, I had wanted to put the ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment on the card, but feared that it will then look way too generic. Hence to make it more personal, I decided to just place his name. And if you can notice, I actually sewed the cards together using simple seams. And of course, pearly dots to cover the plain canvas.


Of course being the Chibi doodler that I am, I had to draw Manish on the card’s insert. Coloured it using Copic markers. Luckily the thin blue paper that I used for the insert handled the ink quite well. I had so much doubts that it wouldn’t. I had scanned the drawing using my office’s laser copier. Hence the quality may seem suck. You can see it at my DeviantArt page. As for how I stick the insert in the card, I sewed it in too. Alas the whole insert dropped out. Seriously have no idea how Indian customs handle people’s parcels. *smh*


Oh yes! The gift. I gave him an iPhone 7, gold coloured of 256GB. You can see the video of him opening the gift here… Gosh! So sicked at how the gift ended up in his hands. I’d wrapped the bloody thing in its mint packed condition so nicely!


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