Card – Happy Birthday To You

As usual, I always prefer making my own greeting cards. So if you see me giving someone a bought or printed card, that just simply means I have no time in my hand.


A self-made envelope to go with. Heh! One thing about crafty greeting cards is that they can never be sealed properly in an envelope. No matter what you do, it will always be bulgy. Oh yeah, the card stands at 17.2 cm by 15.2 cm.




The flower used here was one of the hand-made flowers my colleague, Jun Yan gave me. I just simply sewed on a button atop it to finish the look. Unfortunately it couldn’t stay perfectly in the middle of the paper dolly as I had it sewed onto the card, instead of gluing it on. The lace there is actually two strips glued together, so it looked like it’s a lace by itself.


The birthday sentiment is a clear stamp by Stampendous. I was doubtful about using the white chalk-ink. The picture above is not actually the final product. I had eventually touched up the stamp with my white marker after snapping the pictures for this blog. And oh yeah, if you’d noticed, I had sewed along the whole card. I really love the effect. If only doing it is not time-consuming.


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