Calendar – 2017 Thapki Pyar Ki

Last year I made a similar desk calendar for this onscreen couple, ThaHaan (Thapki and Bihaan) from Colors Tv’s show THAPKI PYAR KI. You can view that blog post here. But at that point of time, I only made one. This year however, I’m feeling a bit generous. I’m doing a giveaway; like I did for the previous 2015 Rangrasiya calendar.



  • GBC
    – (item #W15 WireBind) binding machine
  • Canon
    – (item #PP-201) Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
    – (item #MP-101) Matte Photo Paper

I’d actually started work on these calendars on 4th October 2016. Collecting various screenshots of some notable ThaHaan scenes. Then worked on the designs on Photoshop. Yeah… still the same templates are used. Although the main difference is the width of the pages. It’s wider than my previous two calendars.

Undoubtedly the most tiring and painful part of this whole calendar-making – the trimming! Took me a total of 5 hours (with breaks in between) to finish cutting all the photo papers. Phew! Thank god for my loyal cutting mat.

My binding machine. No matter how many times you test the machine out before the real thing, your first actual attempt will always fail. I had to print extra pages because of that. Argh!

Finally, the easy part is the binding. Still quite an annoying task, but definitely the easiest out of all the steps.

Below are the different months’ pages. My apologies, but I cannot allow larger views than the previews I’ve given below. Each page has its own line of dialogue delivered by one of the actors in that particular scene on display.



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