Personal Bullet Journal

I’ve always been intrigued by those many pretty looking, doodly journals I’ve spotted on Pininterest. Yup. I’m talking about bullet journals. They’re so inspiring that it makes you want to start one. So yeah! I have finally succumbed to the itch and decided to make one. Yes. I still find it awkward to start it in the middle of a September… but I just wanted to do it.

craft_004_1You can ask my Mum how bloody difficult it was to find a dotted notebook here in Singapore. The ones they had were so small. I was aiming for a standard A5. You have no idea how many stationery stores I’ve stepped into to find a perfect one. Alas! I went home to make an eBay purchase. That’d be only an A6 size. I didn’t know these dotted notebooks could be so expensive!


  • Studio Calico
    – (item #331121) wood banner
  • American Crafts
    – (item #89397) ribbon
    – (item #53180) chipboard alphabets
  • Freckled Fawn
    – wood veneers: Stars & Such
    – wood veneers: Arrows
  • Made With Love
    – wood veneers: Gears
  • Tim Holtz
    – (item #TH92718) metal keyhole
    – (item #TH9278) metal flowers
  • Pentel
    – (item #63) green poster colour
    – (item #90) gold poster colour
  • Plaid
    – [matte] Mod Podge


So yeah, that’s the back of the notebook. I have personalised it just for me. Heehee! I was aiming for that mossy, grainy and rusty look. But somehow along the way… I messed it up with the Mod Podge. Oh well! If you noticed there too, I pasted two buttons, mainly for the purpose of hiding the cut elastic ribbon.

craft_004_4 I’d joined two wood banners to make it into a plaque. Used my alphabet chipboard stock to spell out my name on it. Also stuck 2 metal flowers there on the top corner. Tested: they do go along well when the book is bend.

craft_004_5 Honestly, I still can’t figure out whether getting this small A6 book was a blessing as I get a smaller canvas to work on. It took me a while to work on how I want to embellish the front cover. Eventually ended up with those gears and asterisks. The keyhole, well. That was what I had in mind before starting this project. So that was a must.

craft_004_3As tweeted last Friday, I started working on this thing about 6 in the evening. I let it rest till the next day to dry properly; since I was quite exhausted after work too. That Bostik glue is really quite good. I coloured it the next day using my poster colours. Used my tiny spray bottles to give them that ‘effect’. Too bad I didn’t take photos of my colouring process; as it was way too untidy and I had messy hands. The Mod Podge though… *sighs* Well, let’s just say, it messed up my ‘spray effect’. But oh well! I’m pretty satisfied with the final look. Not exactly what I had in mind per say, but it’ll do.


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