Card – ThaHaan

There was a gift segment collaborated by the team of Glitz Vision during the end of May 2016. That was the first time ever I had decided to send a gift for someone I have never met before – ThaHaan. Yup. My two current favourite actors who portray the onscreen couple in THAPKI PYAAR KI. You can watch the video where the actors received my gifts here (I gave them both a polaroid camera each with this card below).

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 122 by Valerie Salmon. I just thought it was a simple yet pretty template to whip up. And what made it more satisfying was to see the actors’ appreciation that it was handmade. I love Jigyasa’s reaction the most. Haha!


  • PopArtz
    – (item #PA-HCP-606) border puncher
    – (item #PA-325227C) cardboard embellishment
  • Webster’s Pages
    – (item #TM9814) ribbon: Botanical
  • The Paper Stone
    – (item #B361A104-9003) pink alphabets
  • Stabilo
    – (item #88/53) green pen
  • Pretty Color
    – (item #WW37A5) wooden stamp
  • VersaColor
    – (item #VS-23) chalk ink: Rose Red
    – (item #VS-152) chalk ink: Ash Rose
  • Sakura
    – (item #LRBP02) pink bloom lace
  • Maple Treehouse
    – (item #M3H560881034) green pearls


The template didn’t instruct any embellishment for this section of the card. But I just felt that it would have looked too bare without… anything. So I just stuck in a few pearly dots on the top canvas.


That’s a pre-made cardboard flower I got off PopArtz. Finally am able to use it on something. Lol! I used some green lace and bloom lace for this section to line the sentiment. And since the card is addressed to the two onscreen couple, I decided to title the card with their couple name, “ThaHaan”. I guess that’s why both Manish and Jigyasa kept using this card to pose with the gifts at the photo session.


Those green and pink papers are again… leftovers. As scrapbookers, you know what I mean. No leftovers should be left wasted. They will come in handy at one point in our lives. Haha! The ‘Just For You’ is a wooden stamp I used from the set I used that my Mum bought me once.


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