Calendar – 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki

Another year coming to an end. Like I had tweeted back in October, I have plans of making my own 2016 desk calendar again. This time round, for my new favourite ship – ThaHaan. Of course, having doodled so many ThaHaan drawings it still is not enough for me. Thapki and Bihaan are my new favourite onscreen couple and eye candy… Yes. Having eye candies in front of your workstation in the office is a good thing. It relieves stress. And for 2016, I’ll have ThaHaan do that job for me.

And oh! Not that I’m being selfish this time round, but I will just be making one of these only. So please, don’t bother requesting me for one.


Yes, the show is still on going on Colors Tv. The love story between the two protagonists hasn’t even properly started yet. When I was doing my 2015 Rangrasiya calendar, the love story between Rudra and Paro was already completing. Hence it was easy for me to pin point to my favourite moments and use them for the months’ photos.

In ThaHaan’s case, the choice is limited. I gave myself up to 26 December 2015’s episode to wait if there were any newer moments I could use for the calendar (almost wanted to use that ploughing scene, but eck!). I think whatever I have collated so far is good enough.


  • GBC
    – (item #W15 WireBind) binding machine
  • Canon
    – (item #PP-201) Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
    – (item #MP-101) Matte Photo Paper


I didn’t spray paint my calendar’s stand this time. I think white is just fine for the theme. As tweeted 2 weeks ago, I was already starting on my photoshopping task with the months’ pieces… And yes! I still use the same old template from my Rangrasiya calendar. Hehe!

I used matte photo paper for the whole calendar, except the front cover. That, I used glossy photo paper of a 275 g/m2.


Trimming the papers has to be done with a right amount of patience. Sure I cut a lot of papers for my scrapbooking, but with scrapbooking, you are allowed to cover up mistakes. But calendars… well, there’s no scope for that. Eventually, I ended up using a pen knife, long ruler and my cutting mat.


Punching time! Yup! Another one of the risky attempts. Luckily, I had printed some extras as my binding machine did gave me some problems.


Lastly, binding it up… and voila!

Below are the different months’ pages. Likewise, sorry, but I cannot allow larger views than the previews I’ve given below. I still prefer my calendars with big boxes so that I can write more (being the practical person that I am). Each page has its own line of dialogue delivered by one of the actors in that particular scene on display.



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