Cards – Mini Christmas gift cards

It’s the time of the year again… where a crafter can use up all her green and red scraps once again. Yes! It’s Christmas. Not that I celebrate this occasion but my colleagues do. It’s made almost compulsory that we exchange gifts in the office and hence this came about.


I made mini cards to attach to my wrapped presents; mainly to address and tell who they’re from. They only measure up to 10.4 cm by 7.4 cm.



Alas! Those were my only pair of golden bells left in stock. The remaining ones are of blue and pink. Eck! I tried making them as simple as possible. Almost stopped myself from chalking the edges of my sentiment, but… looks like I can’t stay away from my pigment inks.


This one noticeably has an extra punched border. And like I said earlier, I only had one pair of golden bell left. Thus I substituted it with a green button; tied with a golden string.


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