12×12 – Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

My newfound obsession, ThaHaan. Meaning the on-screen couple, Thapki and Bihaan from Colors Tv serial, THAPKI PYAAR KI. I blame my Mum for making me so involved with all these nonsensical shipping. She is a big TV serial fan who watches almost every drama series. And since she always need my help in translating, I too at times get swayed by some of the better shows. My previous, being PaRud from RANGRASIYA.

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I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 28 by Valerie Salmon. The photos used in this one is not from the abovementioned show, but from the two actors’ previous show together, CHORE TERA GAON BADA PYARA. The fact that coincidentally, the show was about the real love story of Ashish Sharma; the actor of my PaRud, is really something so surreal. How could my two ships be linked to each other? Haha! Bhagya!



These small alphabet stickers can be a right pain in the ass. They’re not as sticky as I wish they were. Many a times, I find them missing and had to re-stick them. Hence, I’m pretty eager to keep the finished piece into my album. As for the flower, I have used three layers of petals with yellow pollens.


Honestly, all my titles have always been a last minute thought. I don’t know if it’s a common thing amongst scrappers, but I never think of my titles beforehand. “Ek Main Aur Ek Tu” is actually an old Bollywood song. It simply means, “one me and one you”.


Yup. My signature 3-pearly dots.


Like tweeted last Sunday, I have cross-stitched the two layers of paper to give that sewing effect. I have even given a ‘notice-or-not’ word, ‘thahaan’ on the background.

The journaling section is a story itself. I had initially used just the orange paper strips, but eventually thought it looked way too camouflaged. Hence, I used red strips to give it that layer… just wished I hadn’t use that black pen. Ugh!


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