12×12 – Real Friendship

Yup! Yet another SUVREEN GUGGAL piece. It’s Suvreen and her college’s best friend, Annie. Since it’s about girls, I made it pink themed.

click for full view

I used Pencil Lines’ Sketch 90 by Debee Campos. I followed the sketch pretty exactly, but added some other stuff like sub-title and more embellishments.



Washi tapes were used to stick the second layer of the background. With regards to the title, I am still on a writer’s block. Initially I had wanted to just stick with ‘friendship’ but later on decided against it.


I tried the ‘dump-your-lot-to-one-side’ technique once again for this one. This time round, facing up. Honestly not too happy with it. The feeling that I should slot in more stuff and yet not to overdo it, kept distressing me.


One of the few things that was not in the original sketch. I just added a simple caption to this photo.


Another photo caption with a wood veneer embellished.


Added in more paper wheels for the journaling section. ‘DPSC’ is the name of the college in the show. I had almost wanted to use paper strips as the journaling but resigned to just writing them down with pen.


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