Shabby Chic Diary

My diary. I decided to adorn it with girly and shabby things. It’s a book, locked up in a box sized just right for its dimensions. So, I cannot embellish the book as 3D as I would like it to. I had to make it as flat as possible, and yet still having that shabby chic look.

click for full view

All the stuffs I used to decorate the book were brandless. Hence, I cannot pinpoint exactly what brands I used for this book.


I simply tied a ribbon and ended it with a bow on the top left corner.


Three different types of fabrics used. I doubled the layer of white lace fabric for the book’s cover. After trimming the extras on the edges, I used PVA glue to harden it to avoid any frays from coming out in the future.


Like I’d mentioned earlier, I simply tied the ribbon to form the bow on the front. So, that’s exactly how the inside looks. I have also glued a ‘bookmark ribbon’ to the book’s spine.


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