Card – Thanks A Bunch

Another colleague who has helped me in a lot of ways, bid goodbye last Thursday. I had prepared the card about two weeks prior. And honestly speaking, I’m thoroughly unsatisfied with the results. But call it a “crafter’s block”, I was totally out of idea on how to rectify the whole mess.




Yes, if you noticed, I sewed along all the paper pieces. Sewing will always take me the longest of time. I will take hours and hours to finish them. After stamping the “Thank You” sentiment, I used a normal wool twine to create a messy bow. I regret not using a much stronger and firmer straw twine. It looked so bloody flimsy.


Ah! My leftover self-made paper flower that I made through my Cricut machine. I just pasted a big white pearl bead to finish off the look.


Can’t let it go with my 3 signature pearly dots, no? Hehe!


“May all your dreams come true” and that key wood veneer was put there for a reason. To me it’s the key to freedom… from our torturous workplace. Haha!


My personal wood stamp that I had custom-made through eBay. As tweeted, I received it about 7 months ago, back in January. Will stamp it at the back of my cards for all of my hand-mades.


A self-made envelope, thanks to my envelope scorer. And heck! My failed attempt at airbrush lettering with my colleague’s name. I just need more practice with it. *sighs*


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