Crafts – Xmas Gift Tags

Working in an office with over 40 staffs, it can get quite busy during the Christmas Eve. Gifts exchanged all around. Hence it can be quite upsetting not knowing who a present is from unless the person gives it to you personally.

I know gift tags won’t be valued by any of them; probably thrown away along with the wrapping paper. But meh! I love paper-crafting! And I will do what I like!


As you can see, I’m on the rusty old look for this Christmas. So yup. Gave them all that ‘brown’ and worn look by edging all the tags with brown chalk-ink. They all measure up to 2.5 cm by 4.6 cm.

Like I mentioned on my previous post, Christmas is the best time for a scrapper to finish their red/green leftovers. So yes, the red strips of paper were all from those mini remnants of my cutouts that I have left for the past years.


click for full view

Even the brown cardstock that I used to punch my snowflakes was the same one I used for my Christmas cards on my previous post. And sequins! The batch came from multi-coloured sequins I got from YeawOnArt. Took me about 7 minutes to carefully pick out just the red ones. *chuckles*

As for the tiny holes I made for the string.. I would like to thank my belt puncher for all the adlibbing. *laughs* 


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