Card – Snowflakes are Winter’s Kisses

It’s the gifting season! Quite the busy period for card makers… Well, I won’t call myself a ‘card maker’ per say. As a scrapbooker, I personally just love making 12 by 12 pages. Not so much into other crafts. I do them only when I need to. So yes, this time round I made Christmas cards for my four Twitter friends to be enclosed along with those 2015 desk calendars I made on my previous post. By the way, they’re all already mailed out last Monday before I went to work.


I’m very much into rustic looks for my papercrafts. Each card measures about 15.2 cm by 7.6 cm. Honestly, I wanted to make them bigger, but since I was depending on my 12 by 12 inch dark green cardstock, it could only produce four equal size of that much. So, yes. I had to challenge myself to work around that size only.

click for full view



My Cricut went for some exercise for this card. Those snowflakes were the machine’s effort. As usual, old versions of Cricut are not able to cut small pieces intricately, hence some of them were a bit off.

Honestly, Christmas is the best time for you to clear your green/red leftover stocks. *chuckles* Every material used for these cards, excluding the dark green cardstock and ribbon were all leftover stocks. The only disappointing thing was that I did not have any good Christmas stamps to use as the cards’ sentiments. The only one I got was the clear stamp from the PaperCrafts magazine I got about 2 years back.


That’s the message insert in the card. All of them too were the works of my Cricut machine. Thank goodness my SCAL2 is still working, or I would have been unable to cut those. And yes, the black moustache – since these cards and the gifts were for fellow RANGRASIYA fans, it was obligatory to have it, instead of a typical white Santa moustache. For the fans, that is actually the character, Rudra Pratap Ranawat wearing a Santa Clause hat wishing a Merry Christmas. *winks*


Yeah, since the cards were of non-standard sizes, I had to make my own envelopes. Unfortunately for me, that envelope scorer board too were of not much help. Hence the envelopes were still not perfect. Heck!


Extra cuts I made through the Cricut. Might probably use them for some future scrapbooking. Heh! Like I’d tweeted the other day, one of the bigger ones I made into a moustache stick! Haha!


3 thoughts on “Card – Snowflakes are Winter’s Kisses

  1. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled crafter. I have always wanted to get a cricut machine but it’s so deficult to find one. Buying online is quite risky for me.


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