Calendar – 2015 Rangrasiya

I know this post might be quite irrelevant to ‘scrapbooking’, but since some of the materials can be considered ‘scraps’, I thought why not just blog it up here.

Like I’d tweeted a week ago, I gave myself a personal project for the RANGRASIYA fan in me. The project got delayed for a tad when I fell sick during the past few days. Luckily, the only remaining task left to do was to put everything together.


I have to thank some of my generous colleagues who have contributed their old 2014 calendars to me. Since the design that I’ve created on Photoshop was made solely for the stand’s size.

Six calendars altogether. Two of them are for myself (one for office, and the other one for home). The remaining four I plan to give away as it is the gifting season anyways.


  • GBC
    – (item #W15 WireBind) binding machine
  • Canon
    – (item #GP-601) glossy photo paper
  • 7CT
    – (item #R-8088) yellow spray paint


I’ve touched up all the six stands by re-colouring them using spray paint about a week ago. Then again, we’re using recycled materials here, hence, they’re still not 100% perfect. There are still some defects visible here and there. But since they’re essential for the desk calendars, I just continued using them.

Below are the different months’ pages that I’ve done up. Sorry, but I cannot allow larger views than the previews I’ve given below. Being a practical person, I always prefer my calendars with big boxes so that I can write more; hence the size. I have also given each month a line of the dialogues delivered by one of the actors in that particular scene on display. Just hope my Hindi is accurate for all of them. Hee!


If you are able to notice, there is a blue butterfly on every page of the calendar. Well, that’s Rukmani. A friend of the show’s female lead.


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