12×12 – Caffeine High

Starbucks! Yup. As I have proclaimed many a times on Twitter, I am a Starbucks addict. Merlin knows the amount of money I’ve ‘contributed’ to the company every month.


I used Pencil Lines’ Sketch 188 by Lory. I didn’t really play around with the template and went ahead just following it 100%.



The journaling section. I made use of one of my leftover self-printed patterned paper for it. Edged them all with chalk-ink. Even the Starbucks logos were given some chalking to give them that old and worn look.


Believe it or not, all those squared brown papers I’ve used here are from the standard Starbucks paperbags. I have too many of them. So I took one for this piece. Gave them the crumple effect, but not before chalking them to give them an even more worn look.

The strips of darker brown paper came from another leftover cardstock of mine. Simply cut them in size and categorised according to the renowned cup sizes.


Embellishments! The best part of scrapbooking. Well, my black-rimmed glasses define who I am, hence the black wooden veneer there. I decided to give it some simple, not so over-the-top decorations with just those two flowers. A mix of Prima and Maple Treehouse products.


Ah! That green stirrer was slotted in there for a reason.


9 thoughts on “12×12 – Caffeine High

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