12×12 – Yoon Shabnami

Finally! It’s been 3 months since I last did some scrapbooking. Long were the days I used to love graphic designing on my Photoshop. But hell, I find this traditional art much more satisfying and challenging. I find making blends and graphic edits boring now on the computer. It’s like a cheating sort of art.., if you catch my drift.

Anyway, RANGRASIYA! Yes. My current obsession. I thank my Mum who got me into this show. She kept calling me out for translation whenever she watched the show. Thus time by time, I fell in love and got hooked onto it. It seriously is the first Indian television serial which I feel doesn’t follow the norm. Its uniqueness and unpredictability are what makes it a gorgeous serial.

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 5 by Valerie Salmon. The feat being the show’s lead pair, PaRud aka Paro and Rudra; enacted by the talented actors Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma respectively.


  • Prima
    – (item #890841) lamp metal embellishment
  • American Crafts
    – (item #53107) purple alphabets
    – (item #42743) white alphabets
    – (item #53290) blue alphabets
  • Buttons Galore & More
    – (item #BB22) aqua buttons: Ocean Blue
  • KCK Craft
    – (item #317002) border sticker
  • CarlaCraft
    – (item #CP-11) corner punch
  • Fiskars
    – (item #9380) circle cutter
  • Sakura
    – (item #LRB05) blue lace
  • Pilot
    – (item #BLGP-G1-7-L) blue pen
  • YeawOnArt
    – (item #SQN-14RC) sequins
  • Daiso Japan
    – (item #31) chalk
  • Inkadinkado
    – (item #63-00000) Pastels Blending Chalk Pack
  • VersaColor
    – (item #VS-17) chalk ink: Violet


Finally I got a chance in using these handmade fabric flower made by my colleague, Jun Yan. It’s one of those pieces I posted in my previous post 4 months ago. I just simply sewed a button onto it and voila!


Quite honestly, this was the final part of the whole piece that took me like… one hour to finally decide on. The title. Gosh! I suck at giving titles. I think I went through 8 to 9 different titles. Either my alphabets were too big or I had insufficient alphabets in my stock. Finally, I went through my iPhone playlist and saw this song from SAAWARIYA. Hence ‘Yoon Shabnami’ it is. Writer’s block be damn!

I did some white chalking onto the background to symbolise the night and light from the lamp; although it might as well look indistinguishable. I almost wanted to use some yellow chalk for the lamp, but meh! It would go against the whole colour palette.


Sequins! Hahaha! Yeah, I know. I hate anything glittery, but the theme of the whole piece called for it. Thus the reason why you can spot a couple of glittery ornaments on this one. The dots however came from my alphabet set by American Crafts.

And oh! I used my corner punch for the photo. Quite like how it turned out. By the way, the journaling section is part of the song played in the episode of this particular scene.


Hahaha! Call me lazy, but that string happened to fall right at this spot whilst I was working on another part of the piece, and the way it laid there made me glue it to its place. The sketch called for something on the bottom corner, hence. *snickers*Moreover, it’s my remaining string piece. So why not just finish it?


4 thoughts on “12×12 – Yoon Shabnami

  1. Hi Isnani
    sammy ere not sure if u still remember me but hi
    thought i drop by and see how u are sweets.. loving ur new scraping booking site very creative 🙂

    and oh my i watch rangrasiya tooo its soo goood parud .. soo cute. Rudra sooo cuteeee.. love his acting.. still a little behind but soo cute that he realises like he starting to like paro arrhhhhh anyways hope all well in singapore 🙂 chat soon

    p,s im still on twitter but rarely use it lol more insta now lol


    • Hi Pari! Thanks for the compliments. Hope you’re well too. 🙂

      Yes, Rangrasiya is my obsession now. Can never miss an episode. Both my Mum and I just love PaRud. ❤


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