12×12 – Being a Cat

This is my 2nd page dedicated to my neighbourhood cat whom I’d named, Tilloo. Poor cat’s getting old. She’s quite the people’s cat though. Not really scared of humans, unlike some cats. She’s always seen lounging around our void deck; her favourite spot being the green pillar.

click for full view

I used Pencil Lines’ Sketch 149 by MLS and Anna Bowkis. The original sketch called for just a round paper. But I layered it to a typical 12 by 12 patterned paper.


  • Cricut
    – (item #2000222) cartridge: Cake Basics
    – (item #2000492) cartridge: Seasonal Cake Art
  • Sassafras
    – (item #21201) cardstock stickers
  • American Crafts
    – (item #53343) chipboard alphabets
  • Scenic Route
    – (item #SRR381) ribbon: Afterthoughts
  • VersaColor
    – (item #VS-154) chalk ink: Bark
    – (item #VS-131) chalk ink: Narcissus
  • Pretty Color
    – (item #38) black chalk ink
    – (item #37) brown chalk ink
    – (item #WW37A5) heart stamp
  • Prima
    – (item #891107) chalk ink: Rusty Keys
    – (item #842369) brown paper strip
    – (item #569921) wood veneer
    – (item #558208) fabric flowers
    – (item #550127) tiny sticker alphabets
  • Uni Mitsubishi Pencil
    – (item #UM-120AC) orange pen
  • Graphic 45
    – (item #4500234) cardstock stickers
  • S.E.I
    – (item #8-5051) metal disc
  • Memento Enterprise
    – (item #SP-0143) ribbon
  • Stabilo
    – (item #88/46) black pen
  • Home Living
    – (item #31687) cotton twine
  • Authentique Paper
    – (item #DUN001) border cardstock
  • Tim Holtz
    – (item #TH92788) metal leaves
  • Crafty Secrets
    – (item #SL42) clear art stamp
  • Daiso Japan
    – (item #6) wooden peg
    – (item #31) brown chalk
    – (item #D-13) small wooden button
    – (item #B-13) big wooden button


A rub-on! For the first time, I can proudly say I’d applied a rub-on properly. *giggles* As for those corner frame, it’s actually a cardstock sticker. I thought it would complement the page quite nicely.


Meh! I know, what an ugly shot. But I wanted to snug in the two subjects in one snap. Firstly, I’d cut the whole scalloped round patterned paper with my Cricut machine. With regards to those two wooden buttons, I’d contemplated whether to include them in or not; as directed by the original sketch. Eventually I just gave in and pasted them on.

The heart stamp though… that was from a rubber stamp set my Mum got me. I actually like that it’s a slightly messy stamp. I completed that section with 3 dots with my black pen.


Yup! My second attempt at the ‘dump-your-lot-to-one-side’ technique. The first being my Aishwarya Rai page I did about 5 months ago. But this time round, I tried not going overboard with the embellishment.


Honestly, my creativity for good titles is running low. “Being A Cat” is the only title I could think of for this page. Well, I’d outlined the first two words with a orange coloured ball pen if you didn’t notice (which I bet you did). Gave them dashed borders to outline the words a bit.


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