12×12 – Teri Ore

Y.U.V.R.E.E.N. Once you watch them from the start, you can’t not love them. Well, the pictures are stills from one of the show’s memorable moments between the two leads, Yuvraj Singh and Suvreen Guggal.

click for full view

I used Scrapbooks Etc‘s Sketch 273. I quite regretted using brown for the main backing of this page. I really contemplated using a dark green paper, but thought back to some of my previous designs… Tsk! Guess I should have just gone with the dark green.



This journaling section is part of the song, ‘Teri Ore’ from the movie SINGH IS KINNG; hence the reason for the title. I used the same green patterned papers to make the strips by layering and edging them.

The top flag border though is by Sassafras. I didn’t think that the colour would almost be camouflaged by my orange paper. Hence I had to outline and dot it with green marker. The buttons too had their own story. Initially I thought I had enough buttons of the same size and colour to fit all 6 triangles. But eventually realised I only had exactly 3 of these two colours. So I just simply alternate them on the flags.


After finishing this whole page, looking at it, I seriously wish I had flipped the pictures from left to right. At least they wouldn’t have looked so repetitive. Anyways, I just filled up the big gap between the two vertical photos using my rhinestone sticker. As for that brown cardboard heart, I was actually amazed that my puncher could punch such a thick cardboard out. Haha! So thank you, CarlaCraft!


Umm… Like I said, ‘Teri Ore’ is the title of the song. So I just simply use it to title my page. You may call it writer’s block, but meh! Who cares? I think it fits these two lovebirds. If you see the original sketch, the title section is quite bland. Initially I did tried just putting the two big words, but it looked weird. Therefore, I amped it up with cardboard frames and a flower embellishment.


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