12×12 – You & Me

This is by far, one of my most favourite photoshoots of Rupert and Emma together. I remember, when the photos were first released in 2004, all of us shippers were so thrilled and thankful to LA Times.


I used Scrapbooks Etc‘s Sketch 383. Well I do realized that this is the 3rd post in a row with a blue theme. Perhaps I’ve been living in the blues of work life for the past couple of weeks.

Seriously, the level of stress at work right now is so high, I was down sick for the past three days due to overwork. No rest whatsoever. Work stress, family stress.., random stress. At times I had to succumb to Spongebob episodes as my destresser. Of course scrapbooking is another sort of activity that helps me out. Letting out your creative juices is like a therapy to me (as weird as it may sound).

Anyway, back to the above piece!



Honestly, when I first decided to work on this sketch, I felt assured that this might just happen to be amongst the simplest one I’ll be working on. But believe it or not, the one part of the page that took me a whole lot of time was to decide on the strips of patterned paper for this section. I had limited colour choices. Or maybe perhaps I just did not have the heart to strip off my untouched 12 by 12 paper lot.

Also, if you noticed, I gave the whole page a second layer backing.


Yup, edged all my photos with chalk-ink. I had even contemplated in using punched-out circles, but eventually resigned to using buttons. I love buttons! Besides, I thought had I used just cut-out circles, the page would have looked even more 2-dimensional. Thank Merlin for my Ocean Blue button kit from Buttons Galore & More. They had just the right sort of shades for my whole blue/green colour theme.


Note. Mistake. I should have stamped the spiral background before I actually wrote down that whole bloody journaling section. Guh! Too bad I have very bad assumption on the length of the poem… Yeah, it’s a poem by James M. Doffermyre, entitled, “That January Afternoon”.


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