Improved UrbanWrite

I recently visited UrbanWrite at Tampines One — about the nearest scrapbooking store from my place. Too bad they’re not a hardcore scrappers’ paradise. Most of their stuff includes office stationeries. But being a member with their affiliate, Popular Bookstore proffers me with membership discounts.


But I was in for a nice surprise when I stepped into the store. They had rearranged everything, and it seemed like they got in more scrapbooking supplies than the pitiful varieties they had before. Still, it couldn’t compare to some of the other stores I have visited on this island, but it was a good step of improvement.

What’s more was when I got home, my Mum who accompanied me to the trip actually surprised me with this gift. Ha! Lovely mother!


I’ve yet to use it, but I love it! I love stamps, and this wooden set is just so attractive I couldn’t stop staring at it when I first got it.

And for our local scrappers, looks like we’re all looking forward to the re-opening of the best scrapbooking store we have in town – Made With Love. It’s re-opening at 313 @ Somerset this 18 September 2013.

Unfortunately, being the busy career woman that I am, I won’t be able to visit it any time soon. But if I do, it’ll probably be on a weekend. And honestly, I hit myself on the head every time I remembered discarding away my membership card for this store. Initially, I had really thought that the store had closed down forever. But apparently they were just waiting to move house. Oh well! I guess I’ll just need to re-start with the stamp collection on a new card.

Now I just hope that when the new upcoming mall in my hometown, Bedok Mall opens in 2017, there’ll be at least one small scrapbooking store. Such retail stores are so limited here in Singapore. I’m currently still trying to gather all the local shops to list them up here on this blog… mainly for my own reference.


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