12×12 – Office Break

It’s me again… Yes, I know. I come off as super vain. Haha! But nah! It’s the design that matters, not my face.

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 95 by Valerie Salmon. Quite liking how the whole layout turned out. I was pessimistic about it looking good, but I guess I managed.



Honestly, I’ve been dying to finish off my S.E.I. die-cut set. It’s a nice set, but it seldom suit my layouts. So here’s my attempt to make it “suitably right”. Like I said before, I’m not so much of a glitter fan. Hence seeing that the die-cuts are already pre-made with glitter, I attached one of my glittery red butterflies onto it.


The photos were taken during my lunch break at my workstation. Hence, basically it’s an office theme. So I thought attaching a paperclip would be reasonable. The maroon frilly lace is by Sakura from their La’boom set. And yup, I’d edged all the papers and photos with chalk-ink as usual.


I’d contemplated whether to use yellow paper strips for the journaling section. But after trying some out, it looked too… vivid. Eventually I saw some leftover of that light brown paper and used it instead.


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