12×12 – Always

Mhmm… back to back Yuvreen pages. Probably the last for now, since I think I’ve finally used up all my Yuvreen printouts.

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 27 by Valerie Salmon. This time round I used a lot of Cricut stuffs from the few cartridges I owned. I usually prefer to not use the cartridges since the variety is limited. But I was too lazy to connect the machine to my laptop, hence I just used the basic shapes that the cartridges offer.



As usual, I’ve now made it a habit to edge my photos with chalk-ink… I had actually contemplated to print the two joint pictures together and not separate it. However I guess it would have defeated the purpose of scrapbooking. So as you can see, I’d pasted a small heart at the split line. And oh yeah! Finally after two years, I finally found some use of the cardstock that I got from Authentique. The colour and the words matched the theme – “together is the best place to be.”


A simple corner frame made out of the same paper I used for the second layer backing. I touched it up with a dashed border with my pink pen.


Paper flowers by Pebbles that I affixed with small brads. I considered arranging them side by side as in the original sketch. But eventually this was how they ended in.


Aha! This marks the first time I used a title that was made entirely by Cricut. No ready-made alphabet sets whatsoever. Had to face some sort of challenge to get the cuts right as I used left over cardstocks that came in different sizes. Hence my blade went off the paper for some tries. Hence, if you noticed, the capital letter ‘A’ is two layered due to me having to paste one on top of the other due to a wrong cut.


Honestly, I feel I should have made the journaling strips much thinner. And umm… yes. A tiny bow to compliment the space.


These too had to face wrong cuts. The photo was cut using Fiskars circle cutter. I made some wrong calculation, hence a slight slip-up. I had to trim the wrong cut using scissors. And as for the blue scalloped backing, that too was done by my Cricut. And as explained, I had used left-over cardstocks, and the blade too went off the edge whilst cutting. Hence why I covered it up with those three buttons. Even the photo’s flaw became unnoticeable with their help. And besides, I thank my luck that I have buttons that matched those colourful dots on the 2nd-layer paper.


3 thoughts on “12×12 – Always

  1. I must express how beautiful the cricuts were used. The machine is a wonder, but very challenging to use at times. So kudos to you! 🙂


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