12×12 – Sisterly Love

Yup, another SUVREEN GUGGAL piece. I happened to print loads of SG photos for my scrapbooking; hence you can expect more Guggal pages in my future designs.

Well, this time round, it’s the Guggal sisters – Suvreen Guggal and Jasleen Guggal.

click for full view

I used Pencil Lines Sketch 105 by Anna Aspnes & Annie Hafermann. Honestly, I’m not happy with this one. Perhaps it’s my “scrapper’s block” that strained itself into finishing this piece. I wasn’t even certain if I wanted to make it flowery or casually-girly.



Layers of cardstocks. I lined the edges with chalk-ink to give it that ‘used’ look. I even used a border sticker from Sassafras.


Doll outfits. Ha!! Got it for $2 at Daiso. I contemplated to use them for this page – they’ve been sitting in my stock drawer for months. But I thought seeing that the topic, “sisters” has that ‘girly’ element, why not just use it. Yes, I know it’s almost like a throw-away action, but I really wanted to get rid of the thing as soon as possible. Haha! And yes, I doodled a squiggle and then did some stitching onto it.


Now this gift tag is by S.E.I. They came in separate pieces, hence it gave me the freedom to easily edge them with chalk-ink before fixing them together into a 3D tag. Unfortunately I don’t have a good string to use, so I resigned to using that straw string.

Besides, if you noticed, I also used a black rub-on for the word, “smile”. It’s by Scenic Route. And also a tiny black flowery stamp to accessorise it. Of course, I should have done that before actually sticking the gift tag… *headdesk*


Rubber alphabets. They can never stick properly… I guess as long as they don’t drop off, I’m cool. The paper alphabets that spelled the word, “love” there is by Studio Calico. I had to roughly edge them with dry red marker to make it stand out. It would have looked bland without the outline. I even had to give the background a bit of light grey chalking in order to make the title more prominent.


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