12×12 – Can’t Let Go

Ron & Hermione, indisputably the ultimate couple in the whole Potter series. They are the one couple whose UST we witnessed developed from the very first book. And honestly speaking, I personally got hooked to the whole series due to them. Their cute banters were just undeniably endearing.

So here’s a tribute to my OTP, Ron/Hermione.

click for full view

I used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 90 by Valerie Salmon. I’d thought that it’s a pretty sweet template to try out.



I’d to confess that my initial plan for the top section was to frame the whole part with the same yellow lace. But upon experimenting them out, I felt it would have looked so silly. Hence, I ended up with that sticker border I got from Sassafras. And yes, I did some edging to the photos and side piece of paper with chalk ink. It would have looked a bit too plain if I didn’t.


This is one big butterfly die-cut I got from my PaperCraft magazine. And umm… yeah. I roughly twisted a single piece of white wire to make the antennas. Ha! Ha! I know! Ugly.., right.

And yes, that’s a tissue. A yellow tissue paper. And no, it’s not a used one. Thank you.


Okay, so this ‘flower’ is not done by myself. It’s a ready-made scrapbooking ornament by Sassafras.


One trivia about the alphabets here is that I am out of the letter, ‘T’. Hence, I had to improvise and snip off the end of the letter, ‘F’ to make it look like the alphabet. Hence the reason why it look a little bit out of scale.

The journaling section is a poem titled, “A Perishing Memory” by Andreas Nicolet. Also, with regards to the buttons, I contemplated a lot on it. Like, should I do an alternate green, yellow, green, yellow? Or, should I place less number of buttons or more? So well… eventually, that’s that!


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