12×12 – Tumse Hi

Yes! Something totally new. This is the first time I’m doing something which is not Harry Potter or Aishwarya Rai related. These two are characters from my current favourite TV serial, SUVREEN GUGGAL from Channel V India – Yuvraj Singh and Suvreen Guggal, better known as ‘Yuvreen’.


I’ve used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 100 by Valerie Salmon. Honestly, I didn’t plan on making a 2-layered page. I had started with just a simple 12 by 12 inch patterned paper for this piece, but eventually I thought it would have looked way too plain. Hence about an inch of paper were trimmed off from two sides of it. And then I pasted it onto another darker layer of 12 by 12 inch blue patterned paper.



It’s obvious! This section of the page is too bare for my liking. But I just didn’t know what to include without going overboard. Eventually I just left it like that… although I did rub on some glitters over the area; which regrettably isn’t visible to my camera lens. The title itself is a song, “Tumse Hi” from the movie JAB WE MET.


Yeah, I sort of cheated with the two photos here. I didn’t cut them, because I knew they had to go together eventually on the page. Till date, I still do not know what I did was right or not. The lace there was glued using PVA glue.


The journaling section is a cropped version of the song , “Tumse Hi”. Well fans of this show would have known that the song was indeed used in this scene; only difference is that it wasn’t picturised on this couple.


I wouldn’t have placed this butterfly would there haven’t been any mistakes I needn’t cover. But unfortunately whilst inking the edges of the round picture with my chalk ink, I’d accidentally made a smudge. Hence, I had to find a way to cover it with something; thus this glittering butterfly. And oh yeah! I used a paper doily! Just simply folded it in half.


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