Card – Have A Wonderful Day

I get to make another birthday card. This time round, it’s for my dearest best friend, Hema.


This template was inspired by the many cards I’ve seen from various PaperCrafts magazines. I can’t exactly pin-point which one because many parts of the card were taken from here and there.



I used a paper doily as the main star of the card. And yes, I went with the crushed paper effect for this card. The greeting is by PaperCraft Essentials.


One thing I hate is the ugly glue shadow that is always visible whenever I used them on ribbons. I try to avoid using double-side tapes for ribbons mainly due to the fact that they don’t always stick properly. But I guess with this one, I should have just gone on and use it instead of my PVA glue.


Even the message inside the card was written on a crushed paper since I wanted to maintain the pink crushed paper theme. Of course, I wrote the message first, dried it and then crushed it for the effect. Otherwise the ink would have smudge. I even gave the message inlet scalloped edges using my PopArtz scissors.


Yup, my first attempt at making my own envelope after watching the many tutorials on YouTube. Even then I sorta fail with it. Just hope my friend didn’t mind it!


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