12×12 – Dear Santa

Something Christmassy today. I’ve wanted to post this before Christmas; which happens to be tomorrow.

click for full view

I used Scrapbooks Etc‘s Sketch 288. Honestly, I didn’t know neither did I visualise the page to end up so… reddish! I’d actually imagined it to be more black and whitish, with a touch of red and green.



Haha! Ya, perhaps the mini Santa hat is a bit too thick. I actually got it from Memory Lane. It left me with no choice but to cut a layer of the hat to thin it. But eventually, it still looked thick and bulky… Oh well!


That mistletoe comes from the same Santa hat I used on the previous picture. I just detached it and paste it on this section. And the journaling section is part of a poem titled, ‘Christmas Presents’ which was anonymously written. I gave the back a bit of a pinkish chalking to give it a bit of dimension.


Circles! I wasn’t sure how this part of the page will end up looking like. Truthfully I was really doubtful of it looking pretty. But now, I’m digging it! I back these circles with a strip of that… dark red paper. Is there a name for it? If there is, I obviously don’t know.


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