12×12 – Frozen in Time

This piece definitely is the longest of the longest pieces I’ve ever designed. Main reason – I abandoned the unfinished page for 7 months! Yup, you read right. Seven months! Started on it on the 5th May 2012.


I used Scrapbooks Etc‘s Sketch 429. Truth to be told, I’m really not happy with this piece. There’s just something very wrong about it.



Yes, I should have chalked the background black before I placed those chipboard alphabets. I did try taking those alphabets off to chalk the paper, but I realised if I continued with that, I will end up with torn bits of paper. So I had no choice but to chalk around the word. And that letter ‘E’ in the word ‘frozen’ is actually an ampersand that I snipped to form an ‘E’ as I was out of that alphabet. Yup, I’m so lamely efficient.


The first initial though I had when I looked at the sketch was to use these metal ornaments by Tim Holtz. Sure that meant using my whole set of time pieces, but I thought that’s the only way to match the sketch’s concept. And that journaling section is actually a sentence taken from ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’. It was from a scene whilst the trio were in Hagrid’s cabin; just like that of the picture from the movie.


I just made a simple loose knot from this thin piece of rope and paste it with a glue dot. And that flower border is by KCK Craft.


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