12×12 – Tranquil

Okay, this time round is a picture of yours truly again; meaning myself. It was during a trip to Singapore’s Universal Studios at Shrek’s… kingdom? Whatever you may call it.

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I’ve used Pencil Line‘s Sketch 227. It’s been a true while since I last did a plain black & white theme. Honestly, I try to stay away from doing black and white themes. Personally, I feel it’s like a cheating approach for any kind of graphic designer; since you’re actually trying to avoid the challenge and hassle of trying to mix and match colours. *shrugs*


Pic 1

Those are foam alphabets by American Crafts I used for the titles. But of this shot, what I had most trouble with fixing are those little rhinestones. I’ve to confess, I’m still an amateur when it comes to toying with rhinestones. I just do not know how to actually handle them. I’ve seen some scrappers using glue-guns to apply them, but meh! I’d rather not waste my money on such stuff. But I do wonder, do those guns make it easier to apply these tiny little things..?

Pic 2

Mhmm… another rhinestone challenge I had to go through. In fact, I’d originally wanted to chalk it out with shades for effect; hence the unfortunate little, visible dirty mess there. Anyways, this is a rub-on rhinestone design by BasicGrey.

Pic 3

Well, like I said, a black and white theme makes things easier for designers. Almost anything that is black or white suits the look of your design. Hence it was easy for me to just use my left over patterned papers. The flower print one was self-printed. I just simply chalked the edges with black chalk-ink.

Pic 4

Now those black flowers were hell to work with. The petals kept falling off since I snipped them off their plastic stalks. Hence I had to glue every layer of petals assemble them back together. Even the journaling section used my old left-over grey cardstock. It’s part of a poem called, “Special Place” by Colin F. Gload.


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