12×12 – Being Alone

Aha! Finally you’re seeing something different from my usual pictures. They’re promo stills from my current favourite TV serial, HUMSE HAI LIIFE from Channel V India.

click for full view

I’ve used Scrapbooks Etc‘s Sketch 324. Honestly, I can’t say I’m satisfied with this piece. There’re way too many mistakes that I did. Colour coordination and materials that I’d used… Gosh!


One thing that made me happy is the fact that my hand just landed on the most perfect 12″ by 12″ paper for the backing. The colour stripes were just spot-on for the whole theme as the uniforms of the students of Elite School in this TV series are exactly of those colours, albeit checkered.

Those white dots are actually dried blotted liquid from my correction pen. That was actually my feeble attempt at covering the ugly glue shadow from the blue ribbon I pasted on the side. I’ve also pasted a punched heart; as per the original sketch.

Merlin knows how much time it took for me to think up of a title for the whole page. And as you can see, my thinking didn’t do wonders for me. And oh! You might spot my lazy and quick cloning on the main picture. I’ve also cut out a cardboard to form that bracket; of course not before I coloured it out with a black marker.

The journaling section is part of a poem by Jillian Baker, entitled ‘And I’m The Girl‘. I wrote it entirely with a white ballpoint pen by Pilot.

Yes, probably the most problematic part of the whole page. I’d actually mistakenly used a glossy black paper and then decorated it with chalk ink for my clear-stamping. So understandably, even if I put it out in the open for years, the stuff would just not dry up… Guh! How stupid of me!!  But oh well… I might change it using matte paper some time later.

The chained words of ‘friends’ were inspired by Luna Lovegood. *winks* I’ve also used flower brads to fill the void.  I guess they’d look better had they been a bit smaller. Also, I’ve used punched butterflies in which I used recycled paper that had black & white pictures on it. Hence it gave the butterflies a bit of a marble effect.


2 thoughts on “12×12 – Being Alone

  1. I like this. don’t be too hard on urself. Its prettily done up and the color combination is brilliantly done.


  2. I love the picture coordination. Almost like a school-like style, which of course suited the whole theme of the design. Kudos to you! 🙂


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