12×12 – Sleep Walker

Yup! Another Bobby/Aishwarya treat I made for myself. Hee! It’s a scene from their movie AUR PYAR HO GAYA again. But this time round, the photos I’ve used are not DVD screen captures. They’re just promotional pictures from the movie. The title ‘Sleep Walker‘ is for Ash’s character who sleepwalks frequently. Although ironically in this scene, she did not sleepwalked; just happened to stray the public road in her nightgown. I just decided to title it that way for the heck of it.

click for full view

I’ve used Scrapbooks Etc‘s Sketch 401 for this. Quite happy with the results. Although as usual, I always regretted placing things wrongly.

And oh! I’ve printed a whole new batch of photos for my future scrapbooking pages. This time I’ve used high quality photo matte paper, and am liking the quality so far. I’m a true loyal Canon fan. *smiles*


Buttons! I love buttons. I’ve lined the top corner of the layout with 2 lace ribbons. They were almost not included in the design as I’d feared the whole page would look too cluttered. But well, as you can see, they still ended up there.

I cut out that peach-coloured journaling back using a stencil. And those handwritten words were edged with orange chalk. Not too visible but it’s there. I even pasted an extra orange button on top of the green paper flower by Sassafras as I found it a bit too bare for my liking.

I got this cute little thingy as a souvenir gift from South Korea. I’ve been wanting to use it on one of my layouts. Finally found something orange-themed and voila! Agreed it doesn’t really suit the whole feel of the movie, but what the heck! I’d just simply fastened it with a brad so it sort of swayed with every move. Although this was one of the stuffs that I’d regret placing where it is now. I should have pasted it somewhere a little bit higher. But oh well! *shrugs* You can’t undo/redo things if it’s not done digitally.


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