12×12 – Secret Obsession

So far I’ve made two Feltson scrapbooking pages, but this is the first attempt at making a Dramione one — the same faces,  but just different characters.

click for full view

I’ve used Page Maps‘ Jan 2007 RoundMap sketch by Becky Fleck. Truthfully, I’m not at all happy with this one. It looks so odd.


I love that white metal bird cage. It’s by Prima. I just felt that Draco has some soft spot for birds. I mean, just watch HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. And that flower is the same self-made flower I’d used for my recent page I’d made on Bobby/Ash; Mere Kareeb.

I’ve used an old piece of paper with some gothic pattern printed on and a large paper doily. And I’d actually pasted a trimmed notebook paper onto a gift tag by Daiso Japan since it had some unwanted text on it.


One thought on “12×12 – Secret Obsession

  1. I love all your creations. They’re simply fab! Keep up the good job, girl. =)

    PS: You might wanna consider starting a business with your scraps. I, for one would pay good money for your handmade pieces of art. All the best!


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