12×12 – Snow

With that wholesale stock of 12″ x 12″ paper I got 3 weeks ago, came with a lot of Christmas-themed ones. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Christmas-y photos to make good use of them. So yes, I resigned to using my favourite Ron/Hermione from the Harry Potter series.

click for full view

It’s a bit ironic when I come to think of it. Christmas is a joyful season. But my Ron and Hermione seemed discontent in these shots. *shrugs* It’s from a deleted scene in CHAMBER OF SECRETS.

Well, I’ve used Scrapbooks Etc‘s Sketch 420. Not too satisfied with this one though. Although the one thing I like about it is the colour combination. In actuality, the photos shouldn’t be of that ‘greenish’ colour. But then my crazy printer decided to print them in its own hues. So I had to find the best suited coloured papers and embellishments to suit them.


  • Japan Home
    – (item #3311168) bells
    – (item #3311213) plastic snowflakes
  • American Crafts
    – (item #53069) foam alphabets
  • Papercraft Inspirations
    – (Christmas Songbird: All Join In) tag
    – felt toppers
  • CarlaCraft
    – (item #CP-1N) snowflake punch

I have used these plastic snowflakes that I obtained from a local Japanese shop — Japan Home. They’ve got cheap stuffs there. And that ‘Happy Christmas’ tag is by PaperCraft. I had actually purchased the magazine; assuming that these goodies would come in good quality cardstocks. But was disappointed to find that they were printed in mere flimsy, normal ‘magazine’ paper. So I had to stick and cut them atop a card paper to give it some stiffness.

These bells too are of Japan Home‘s. And if it’s not too camouflaged, that short white lace was cut using my Cricut.

I’ve been wanting to use this owl ever since I downloaded it off SVGCuts 11 months ago. Finally owning a Cricut made my dream come true. I used foam tape to put it together to stand it out.

As you can see, I’ve punched out more little snowflakes. Those felt Christmas trees are again some goodies that I got from buying a PaperCraft magazine issue.

Seriously, I’m contemplating whether I should subscribe to that magazine. I try to avoid being subscribed to anything, but they always come with goodies. *smiles*


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