12×12 – Mere Mallika

Yup, another Aishwarya Rai oriented layout. Seriously, don’t expect me to design any other actress for my future Bollywood themed pages, since she’s the only one that I find worth it. These two pictures are movie stills from her movie ENTHIRAN.

click for full view

For this, I’ve used Got Sketch‘s Sketch 126 by Valerie Salmon. I’m pretty happy with this layout. Only thing’s the title. I had seriously believed I had a fancy, cursive purple set of alphabets; only to eventually realise I only have that one purple foam set by American Crafts. *frowns*


I’d cut my 12″ by 12″ purple patterned paper by BoBunny into a smaller square to fit as a second layer to my page. I actually had that big white cardboard still lying there unused for quite sometime now. So why waste it? I carefully trimmed it to 12″ by 12″ to fit the standard size.

And as you can spot, I’d tied a white translucent ribbon to my cardboard heart buckle. Merlin knows how long it took me to tie that small ribbon.

I’d layered these die-cut accents by S.E.I. atop each other to make a mini ‘3D’ flower. To top it, I pasted a butterfly-like button; which actually originated from an old pair of earrings I got from Phuket. It was one of my favourites. But they fell apart earlier this year, hence I kept it for my scrapbooking.

As I mentioned earlier, the title of this page was one thing that troubled me. That aside, I had wanted to title it ‘Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika‘ initially. But as you can see, I’d shortened it to just ‘Mere Mallika‘ (which translate to ‘My Dream Girl’ in Hindi). The original title is actually a song from another movie of Aishwarya’s — JOSH. Even the two lines of journaling below are a part of that said song.


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