12×12 – Foxy Lassie

Yes, I’m still very much infatuated by the Bollywood pairing of Bobby Deol and Aishwarya Rai. I must be the only one to ship this pairing since their last movie together was 9 years ago (23RD MARCH 1931: SHAHEED); and that too of only a 4-min cameo appearance by Aishwarya. *shakes head*

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But anyhow, today’s layout is of Bobby and his big brother Sunny sharing their thoughts on Aishwarya. I’ve used Pencil Line’s Sketch 171 by Anna Bowkis. The picture is a movie still of Aishwarya’s first movie with Bobby; AUR PYAR HO GAYA in which Sunny Deol had a short special appearance in the song, ‘Hum Se Rahoge‘. The quote was during an interview with both Deol brothers talking about Aishwarya’s casting in SHAHEED.


  • KCK Craft
    – (item #12094) 12×12 patterned paper
  • American Crafts
    – (item #53069) green foam alphabets
    – (item #53223) black foam alphabets
  • S.E.I
    – (item #8-4136) chiplets
  • CarlaCraft
    – (item #CP-2) butterfly punch

That green tag chiplet is by S.E.I.

That flower was actually a brooch. I just snapped off the pin behind and stick it with a double-sided tape.

All those paper again were those left-over self-printed papers I had on hand. Those green-holed strips were actually from an old school project report of mine in which I had used as a back cover. Now that I no longer need that report, I just took it off to use for my scrapbooking. *grins*


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