First visit to Tampines’ UrbanWrite

It was only last night whilst surfing did I found out that ‘UrbanWrite’ is a concept store owned by POPULAR bookstore. Having a membership with the latter, I was ever too happy being able to get discounts there.

Hence today I set out early in the morning to Tampines One. UrbanWrite could be easily spotted by the glass entrance door as I descended the escalator (#B1-09/10).

Purchased from UrbanWrite

Honestly, I was quite disappointed at their variety of scrapbooking materials. I guess having explored two other scrapbooking stores at Plaza Singapura, I can’t help but compare. My favourite is Made With Love located at Level 3. The other store being Paper Market at Basement 1.

Admittedly, I’ve only went to 4 different scrapbooking stores so far. The first UrbanWrite store I’d went to was the one located inside POPULAR’s bookstore at Serangoon’s NEX mall. Surely, I’ll hunt for more stores once I get my next salary. *giggles* Apparently there’s one nearest to my home located around the Bedok Library area — Craft Alcove.


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