Blog opened

I have finally decided to open a new separate blog in order to not spam my main personal blog with my future scrapbooking pieces.

Similarly as my cupcakes blog over at Bundle of Joy, this is a sub-blog from my own personal main blog at Crystalled-Roses.Net. I decided to construct a separate mini blog in conjunction with my love for scrapbooking. True, I have done my fair share of digital scrapbooking; by making them my various websites’ headers. But this time round, it’s the real thing.

The drawback is that I’m a busy working woman and my time constraint leaves me little option to do lots of scrapbooking. But I do try to make these art pieces every chance I got.

Admittedly I’m still no professional and am not an active scrapbooker like most of those talented people out there.  As I’d only picked up this hobby rather late this month, understandably you won’t be seeing me joining any design teams or anything. I might participate on future challenges posted on those various scrapbooking blogs… but for now, let me just have fun with this newfound hobby.


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